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‘Atomas’ is an addictive puzzle game with a dash of science [VIDEO]

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‘Atomas’ is an addictive puzzle game with a dash of science [VIDEO]

Science is usually noticed as one of the ones topics that most effective “nerdy folks” revel in. That stereotype has began to switch in the previous couple of years. More and extra individuals are knowing that science doesn’t must be a few antique dudes in white lab coats. Science can also be in point of fact a laugh, and video games like Atomas force that time house.

Atomas, via Sirnic, is a puzzle game that makes use of clinical parts. Your process is to create helpful parts comparable to gold, platinum, and silver. All you need to get started with is a hydrogen atom, however very quickly in any respect you’ll be developing larger and higher issues. The just right information is you don’t must be physicist or chemist to take into account this game. Anyone can pick out it up in simply a few seconds.

atomas screens

To play Atomas it's a must to mix matching parts. Every component has an atomic quantity, and while mixed they invent the component with the following upper atomic quantity. For instance, while you mix Lithium atoms (3) you’ll get one Beryllium (4). The objective is to get the component with the best atomic quantity you'll be able to ahead of the board will get too crowded.

Here’s the way it works. O few random parts are organized in a circle. At the middle of that circle is some other random component, or a (+) or (-) icon. You can faucet any place within the circle to put the brand new component in that spot. The (+) icon can also be positioned among matching parts to mix them, however you'll be able to mix extra than simply at a time. If you create a symmetrical trend of parts, after which position the (+) on the middle you'll be able to mix multiples.


The (-) icon can be utilized to transport an component into a other place, or grow to be it into a (+) icon. Once the circle is utterly complete of parts, and there is no room for brand spanking new ones, the game is over. At your disposal is “antimatter” that can be utilized to transparent part of the circle, however those are most effective to be had by the use of an in-app acquire.

Along with the usual mode that O simply defined, there is Time Attack and Alchemist mode. In Time Attack, you're tasked with developing as large of an component as you'll be able to within the allocated time. Every time you mix parts you get a few extra seconds. Alchemist mode is for critical gamers. You need to create all 118 present parts, and a few new ones created through the developer.

Atomas is a actually smartly designed and addictive game. You can log in with Google Play Games and compete with your folks to get the top rating. If you don’t have time to complete a game you'll be able to simply prevent and proceed at a other time. We can’t lend a hand however really feel like Atomas may have made highschool science elegance a lot more relaxing (and perhaps there wouldn’t be such a lot of science mistakes on this evaluate). Download Atomas for free from the Play Store here.


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