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Apple wants to hire Android developers to build “exciting new mobile products”

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Apple wants to hire Android developers to build “exciting new mobile products”

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Although we all know Apple will be bringing their first ever app to Android with Apple Music, it’s nonetheless fascinating to see them calling for Android developers in task listings. Their latest one says they would like a developer to build “fun new mobile merchandise” for Android.

New “merchandise,” eh? Are we in for extra than simply Apple Music? Perhaps we’re simply studying too deeply into the record and that is merely some other place to lend a hand get Apple Music in a position for primetime, however then there’s this Apple Music-specific listing that they may have used for more than one candidates, in order that can be unnecessarily redundant.

We’re now not even positive which of Apple’s different apps we’d need on Android. iMessage so we will be able to in spite of everything knock down this foolish messaging barrier? iTunes? Maybe even Apple Watch strengthen so other folks can purchase the item with no need to grasp an iPhone along with it? All nice applicants, we’d say.

In any case, we’re satisfied to see that Apple can play ball and provides the contest a slice in their pie at the present time, although the cause for serving that pie is only approximately earning profits. It would possibly were foolish to bet that we’d see Apple apps on Android underneath Steve Jobs’ rule, however this new Apple is a breath of clean air and we are hoping they proceed warming up to the theory of phone unity over the process the following few years.


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