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Apple iPhone 8’s Glass Back Panel LEAKS


Apple iPhone 8’s Glass Back Panel LEAKS

Paul Briden 11/07/2017 - 6:09pm

The glass rear panel of the iPhone 8 has leaked, confirming the iPhone 4S inspired design

Every successive iPhone seems to get leakier than the last, on top of the fact that the rumours start earlier and earlier, so there's more time for information to circulate. The iPhone 8 has got to be one of the most leaked editions to date, and that's probably in no small part due to it being the 10th anniversary model and, allegedly, a ground-up re-design with a raft of all-new features.

Still, the leaks do seem to have reached fever pitch. We're sure it won't be long before tha iPhone 8S or iPhone 9 leaks start emerging (in fact some already kind of have), but we must be honest, there is an unfortunate by-product of this long, rambling, highly saturated rumour pattern that seems to have peaked with the iPhone 8. That is, we must confess, we're a little bored of the iPhone 8 rumours by now.

Anyway, the leaks continue to flow, and now the back panel of the iPhone 8 has leaked online via Slashleaks. It's made of glass, has a sort of bevelled edge, and a single, tall oval shaped cut-out for the dual-lens camera.

We also see the Apple logo in the middle of the back, on the one hand this would suggest the rumoured possiblity of a rear-mounted fingerprint scanner is not going to happen, though on the other it's possible it could be embedded under the glass. But then, if Apple could do that then it'd likely put it on the front under the display glass.

Apple hasn't used a glass back panel since 2011's iPhone 4S, but considering many rumours have said the iPhone 8's design is inspired by the iPhone 4S it is not entirely surprising we're seeing a return to the old ways.


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