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Announce your own dorkiness: SoloCam is the Selfie Stick for wannabe news anchors

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Announce your own dorkiness: SoloCam is the Selfie Stick for wannabe news anchors


If you idea Selfie Sticks have been a logo of popular culture degredation, O’ve were given dangerous news. We’ve reached a brand new low. I corporate from Israel has introduced a brand new IndieGogo marketing campaign that takes the notorious Selfie Stick and replaces the take care of with a hand held microphone. But it doesn’t prevent there: the SoloCam app provides a teleprompter,  inexperienced monitor function, and video results to your advent, permitting you to announce how dumb you glance to your fans in actual-time.

Warning: gazing this draw back-worth video would possibly lead to your to stand contort into positions so awkward, it's going to burn a hollow in the mind’s of the ones round you. S can call to mind most effective purposes that buying the SoloCam can be the best:

  1. As a gag present for a news anchor family member
  2. As a youngsters’s present for a bit of child obsessive about news anchors

In the first case, it’ll most probably acquire mud and in the 2d case, you’ll be dooming your kid right into a dorkdom of bullying. You would possibly as smartly have named them Dorkson Weebleton Bajeebles the ninth.

If you couldn’t inform, O’m now not precisely a selfie stick sympathizer. S can take pleasure in that for the solo tourist or wasteland adventures it can be one of the best stuffing one in your backpack. However, morphing that right into a news anchor revel in is an absurd and useless proposition that only a few folks will in finding helpful and all will in finding openly newbie.

Would you are taking any person critically who used a SoloCam? Would you employ one your self? Should we disgrace an intern into the use of one for protection on the CES display flooring?

If you’re in a position to swallow your delight and need to purchase one, head on over to the IndieGogo campaign the place you'll be able to snag one for as little as $49.


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