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Android vs iOS – Which Is Better for Casino Gaming


Android vs iOS – Which Is Better for Casino Gaming

Mobile gaming is the next best thing for casino players, there’s no denying it. Whether you like to play your favorite slot on your smartphone on the way to work, or just relaxing on the sofa with your tablet in hand playing Texas Hold’em, it has become an industry standard to have the option to play on your mobile handheld device.

The two major players in the world of mobile phones are still Apple and Google, thanks to their excellent mobile operating systems (or OS for short). Apple has their iOS tailored to both iPhones and iPads, while Google moves forward with yet another great iteration of their Android OS. Whether you are a fan of the flashy yet accessible iOS or the customization option and sheer volume of options that Android delivers, won’t be up for debate in this article. We will, however, measure both up in terms of accessibility, offer, quality of service and gaming value in order to determine which platform is better for your everyday gaming needs. If you want to check out some more analysis like this one, make sure to visit the comprehensive guides and information at


From the very beginning, both platforms are rather strict when it comes to their policy to openly promote casino apps which feature money transactions. Due to recent changes in policy for micro transactions and in-app purchases, most gaming apps now show either a warning or are played exclusively for fun. Casino apps from major online casino brands do have their own versions represented for both platforms so we can’t really give an edge to either of iOS nor Android in this regard.

One constraint that Android lovers are sure to face is the fact that Google releases constant updates for their own devices – Apple on the other hand, thanks to their limited release of smartphones and tablets, has a better support meaning you can play your favorite casino app without fear of it going bust. Android fans on the other hand depend on the company that has the OS built in and whether they will update or not. Another thing to consider is that most online gaming companies aren’t that keen on keeping their versions updated constantly so this can cause some problems if you want to stay updated to the latest version.


In terms of graphics and options, iOS and Android both have their own ups and downs but overall, each newer iteration brings a wealth of improvements for performance and overall looks of the games. The gaming library for Android is a bit larger and sports a lot of free to play titles, though the iOS marketplace also has a rather large amount of unique titles which make up for the lack of variety.

Another thing to consider is the strict policy of Apple when it comes to apps. They might take down an app if a number of users find some fault in it, or rate it badly. This might cause your favorite casino app to get banned and removed from the App store just because some players are dissatisfied with their results. This is more fairly regulated on the Google Play Store though there is some distinct lack of moderation from time to time as well.

Overall, the way to choose which platform is better for your gaming needs lies in seeing the larger picture – which device or platform you might prefer is bound also to the device’s specs (screen, performance, battery life, etc) rather than some software gimmick that might give you a slight edge. Both platforms offer a large quantity of casino games with excellent support so you might want to look for favorites before committing.

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