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Android O Official Name Reveal August 21


Android O Official Name Reveal August 21

Paul Briden

14/08/2017 – 9:39am

Android O will be getting its official name on August 21 – solar eclipse day

Google has allegedly chosen August 21, the same day as the solar eclipse, to unveil the official name of Android O; many are expecting Android Oreo, but Google could well surprise us with anything snack-related beginning with O.

News of this specific date comes via Twitter, posted by David Ruddock of Android Police, citing a source whose information he says he “cannot verify”, so it’s not 100% concrete at this point and you should take it with a pinch of salt.

In a subsequent Tweet he claims he knows the name already but doesn’t want to spoil it early. He did, however, add that if Google publishes anything between now and the reveal that corroborates the name they have he would publish it.

Interestingly, as Google normally doesn’t do big announcements, Ruddock says the firm is planning to make the name reveal a big deal this time round.

“It also sounds like Google is planning some degree of spectacle around this. It won’t just be a random “oh hey here’s a statue” thing,” he said.

It’s not clear whether Google has deliberately planned the reveal with the solar eclipse in mind; it could form part of the reveal or be thematically relevant somehow, or it could just be coincidence.


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