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Android Lollipop Update Hitting ALL 2013/14 Moto Devices “Soon”


Android Lollipop Update Hitting ALL 2013/14 Moto Devices “Soon”

Motorola is holding its 2013/2014 line updated with new Android tool


Motorola has plans to stay its units from 2013 and 2014 bang updated with the up to date Android Lollipop construct, consistent with a observation from an organization tool engineer.

Luciano Carvalho took to Google+ to give an explanation for the location, pointing out that the update may arrive on 2013 and 2014 type Motorola handsets “in point of fact quickly.”

“A simply need to reassure we are running actually exhausting on it, and, as promised, our Moto merchandise from 2014 and 2013 shall be up to date to Lollipop in reality quickly.”
He introduced that an over-the-air update for Android 5.0.2 is in a soak check level throughout more than one units and in more than one areas - strongly suggesting that Motorola will do its same old trick of 1 large, simultaneous push close to globally somewhat than moving into dribs and drabs.

Sadly, he didn’t specify which units he's relating to, so we’ll need to look forward to one thing a little extra reliable from above.

Here’s the remainder of the remark:

“At this aspect, you could have already heard that a few individuals are receiving 5.0.2 primarily based OTA pushes. That's a restricted soak check roll out for a few of our merchandise in several areas of the arena. The update shall be driven to a much broader target audience if no very important showstoppers are discovered by way of customers who already won it.

Users at the 1st era Moto merchandise want to be certain that they have got the recent Motorola Updates Services from the Play Store. If you do not see it appearing for your listing of apps to be had for update (or it presentations as now not suitable) do not be disturbed, it will be to be had so that you can obtain it in point of fact quickly.

Updates of this nature take time. It's no mystery that once 5.0 introduced it nonetheless had insects. And, once we update our merchandise, we finally end up discovering extra insects that want to be fastened. There are a large number of purposes for what that occur, however, principally, each and every telephone has a singular set of parts and some way they have interaction. When Google creates a brand new unlock, they do not validate it for all of the imaginable mixtures there are, they usually would possibly not repair anything else that is not reproducible on a Nexus tool, that is our task.

A wish you'll be able to get pleasure from the time we spend rounding up the efficiency and ensuring you'll be able to proceed to benefit from the superior clean revel in of the fantastic Moto merchandise you have come to understand and love.”

Paul Briden 15:45, 14 Jan 2015

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