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Amazon SLASHES Prime Membership Cost (Limited Time ONLY)


Amazon SLASHES Prime Membership Cost (Limited Time ONLY)

Richard Goodwin 03/07/2017 - 1:57pm

It is now cheaper than ever to get yourself up and running inside Amazon’s IMMENSE Prime ecosystem

Amazon is now running a limited-time offer on its Amazon Prime services, where you can access it for just £59 – down from £79. This is a pretty sweet deal and it is one that I think a lot of people should be paying attention to.

I know, £59 sounds like a lot of dosh. But when you factor in what you actually get – TV, Film, Music, Kindle Lending Library AND free, next day delivery – it kind of pays for itself.

I’m pretty careful with money, always have been, but I have no qualms about paying my yearly subscription to Amazon. I use it ALL the time for purchases and most evenings for TV and movies. And I’ve been paying for it since 2012, or thereabouts.

In that time, when you factor in a £5 charge for delivery on average, I’ve probably saved hundreds – if not thousands – of pounds, and while it has cost me £70 a year (or thereabouts), the return I get out of it more than makes up for the outlay.

The best thing, for me, about Amazon Prime membership is the free, next day delivery. I can order something now – whiskey, a jumper, a PS4 game – and it’ll arrive on my doorstep tomorrow. No one else does this quite as good as Amazon and the reason for this is pretty simple.

Amazon LOSES money every year on its Prime delivery service. Loses it hand over fist. But it doesn’t care – Prime is an integral part of the Amazon service, which makes it a cost the company is more than willing to bear.

UK Netflix Kinda Sucks

Back in the day, i.e. last year, Netflix was a brilliant video on demand service with few equals. The reason for this was simple: with a VPN installed you could access Netflix’s huge cache of US-only content from the UK.

Netflix then went and did something stupid: it blocked VPN access and this, for me and thousands of other users, kind of ruined everything about the service.

Both my girlfriend and I had subscriptions to Netflix, but since the VPN debacle, I have decided not to continue paying for mine. After six years, I am no longer a paying Netflix customer. And I know I am not alone in this, as most people I speak to are really cheesed off about the VPN thing.

Increasing, I find myself watching content via Amazon Prime Video. Amazon has invested heavily in original content and while Netflix is still in front in this respect, Amazon’s cache of original and exclusive content is growing at a rather impressive rate.

Amazon DOES NOT charge extra for access to 4K content, though – all you need is a 4K TV and you’re away.

You can also rent movies via Amazon Prime Video, which is something you cannot do on Netflix, and this, for me, is a big plus when choosing between the two. Amazon has also bagged a lot of exclusive UK content too, with shows like Downton Abby and Doctor Who.

On top of the film and movies, Amazon also has things like unlimited, ad-free music as well as its Kindle Lending Library, where you can borrow Ebooks for free for a month. I read a lot on my Kindle, so this latter service is something I use ALL the time.

But what it mostly comes down to, for me, at least anyways, is that I could live, quite happily, without Netflix. Sure I’d miss shows like Better Call Saul and Narcos, but given the choice between that and the value I extract from Amazon’s services on a weekly basis, there’s no contest.

Amazon wins hands-down simply because it does more and offers more. And while it does cost more than a Netflix subscription, you get SO MUCH stuff it really does kind of pay for itself, especially if you regularly shop online and read a lot of ebooks.

The rest of it – films, music and TV Shows, as well as groceries in certain areas – are just the icing on the cake.

You can also try Amazon Prime free for 30 days. Check out how it all works over at Amazon's Prime setup page. 


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