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8 Things To Consider Before Buying A New Phone In 2017


8 Things To Consider Before Buying A New Phone In 2017

Richard Goodwin 16/06/2017 - 3:20pm

Considering of having a brand new phone in 2017? DON’T – no less than, now not till you’ve learn this, anyway…

The only query just about all my family and friends question me, with the exception of “what the hell are you doing together with your lifestyles?”, is that this: “I want a new phone, which one will have to I am getting!?”

I paintings within the industry of reviewing telephones, so, clearly, I'm all the time their first port of name, both via phone, textual content or e mail. I don’t thoughts, although, now not in reality. Telephones are lovely complicated.

All of the makes, the other fashions, and the pricing tiers, in addition to ALL the contracts and CONSTANT advertising makes the act of opting for a brand new blower each complicated and daunting in equivalent portions.

That is principally why I made up our minds to put in writing this information; it's designed to chop in the course of the crap and will let you distil what you wish to have, exactly, out of your subsequent phone and, within the spirit of e-commerce, level you within the path of one of the crucial best possible attainable gives and/or choices round.

Through the top, you'll expectantly have a clearer view about what phone you wish to have and why. Simply be open-minded going into this; don’t be afraid about probably getting a phone that ISN’T made through Apple.

There are lots of choices in the market and going a method may just prevent some huge cash which may well be put to just right use else the place.

Proper. Let’s do that.

Are You Already Locked Into Android or iOS?

In the event you use a smartphone, likelihood is that it's both an iPhone of a few type or an Android phone. Google and Apple’s respective running techniques (the device for your phone) account for 90%+ of all telephones used within the smartphone area – and those guys love to stay you of their ecosystem.

In the event you’ve been the use of both platform for X quantity of years, you could have bought track, movies and TV presentations and, normally, those can't be accessed when you transfer platforms.

Subsequently, in the event you’ve been a die arduous Apple consumer for 5 years and feature teraflops of song in Apple Song and loads of flicks in iTunes, you’re almost definitely at an advantage staying put, as you merely will not be able to get all your content material on anything else as opposed to an iPhone.

For those who’re a floating voter – i.e. somebody who makes use of each platforms, as I do, and don't seem to be tied-down to at least one method of doing issues – you then’re in a position to flipflop between iOS and Android and pass the place the innovation or worth is. Arguably, that is one of the simplest ways to be as on occasion Apple has the most productive phone (iPhone 6 generation) and from time to time it doesn’t (iPhone 7 generation). Every so often this does imply purchasing your content material two times, then again, or if you are switching to at least one ecosystem or any other for your primary tool, carting round some other older one at the opposing platform only for viewing your content material over there.

I love selection, so I by no means put all my eggs in a single basket. I’ve been the use of the Pixel XL for the previous 9 months or so as a result of I consider it's higher than the iPhone 7 Plus. As soon as the iPhone 8 lands, issues may well be other. Both means, I'm open to the selection, so should you like selection this may well be tips on how to pass.

Worth – Do You NEED A Flagship?

This can be a giant one. Do you in point of fact want to spend $1000 on a brand new phone (or rent one on contract from a community/service for round double that over 24 months)? You need to ask your self what you’re ACTUALLY doing with the phone, as most present flagships are constructed with INSANE specifications that most of the people seldom make the most of.

You must save loads through choosing a less expensive type, or an older type, as an example, and nonetheless get the whole thing achieved that you wish to have to. In the event you’re actually simply the use of it for calls, texts, e mail and a few internet surfing, do your self a favour and get an older type – the Galaxy S7 rather than the Galaxy S8, for instance, or the iPhone 6s Plus over the iPhone 7 Plus.

I ensure maximum won't ever realize the adaptation. This is a con that you wish to have to update your phone once a year – much more so if you understand how to jailbreak/root the tool.

You Don’t HAVE To Purchase An iPhone

Opposite to fashionable trust, there are lots of just right telephones that aren’t made by way of Apple. I do know this may well be arduous to know when everybody you already know makes use of an iPhone, however it’s true: there are TONS of telephones which might be equivalent to and, in some instances, A LOT higher than Apple’s iPhone.

Accept as true with me, I’ve used maximum of them – iPhones incorporated.

Can You Steer clear of Getting Locked Into A Contract?

If you'll be able to have enough money the expense of operating the most recent and biggest phone on contract, that’s nice. Move, fill your boots. But when like most of the people you’re running on the cheap or wish to avoid wasting cash in 2017, it may well be time to get inventive with the way you get your mins and information.

Getting a phone on contract is like leasing a automotive: everyone does it, it’s simply now not all that sensible as a result of in any case you pay a lot more for the phone. That is how credit score firms generate income (networks too, for that topic).

So what do you do if you wish to have out of this example? Easy: you purchase a phone outright, then store round for the most productive imaginable, no strings hooked up, rolling per month be offering and/or deal.

I’d suggest you check out the following deals for the best rolling contracts around.

The in advance value is greater than same old, granted, however take into consideration it this manner: the phone is yours and you'll be able to do with it what you wish to have. Now not liking it 3 months down the road and fancy one thing new? No worries, simply promote it and use the money to shop for a brand spanking new phone. That is how sensible folks do telephones.

Simply make sure to stay it in just right situation, or have insurance coverage, and also you’ll by no means lose cash. Plus, rolling contracts are WAY CHEAPER than the standard blood-pacts networks call for on 24 month plans.

What’s Maximum Essential To You?

Battery? The digital camera? General value? You wish to have to come to a decision what you wish to have from a phone and feature transparent goals and concepts about the way you’re going to be the use of it. Take into accounts what you employ maximum on your each and every day by day lifestyles already.

Most of the people don’t NEED a flagship, actually, they identical to having them for the status. This is the reason telephones are advertised so closely, they would like you to assume you wish to have them and can not are living with out all that new stuff.

Do you wish to have it to have all of it? If this is the case, take a look at the flagships – those are all the time the most productive performers in all respects.

Telephones just like the OnePlus 3T, then again, be offering kind of the similar (extra in some instances) than those conventional flagships and for a substantial quantity much less. This is why the OnePlus 3T is sooooo hard to beat

Then you've the sprawling ocean of mid-range Android telephones to make a choice from – I have rounded-up 18 of the best in this article. All the telephones on this record are remarkable handsets, whether or not you’re speaking about specifications, imaging, battery lifestyles or general efficiency.

Do You Even Want A Smartphone?

Do you best use your phone for making calls and sending textual content messages? If this is the case, you might want to look at the Nokia 3310, which is a function phone that has INSANE battery lifestyles (and now not a lot else).

Plus it’ll only cost you 50 bucks.

Know The Proper Time To Purchase

NEVER purchase a phone as quickly because it comes out. That’s simply silly; you'll be able to pay the absolute best worth going and, even though you'll have a sparkly new phone, your budget gained’t thanks.

Wait a couple of months, look forward to telephones that don’t promote smartly, as those shall be closely discounted. Working example: the LG G5 used to be a phenomenal phone that nobody purchased, so in spite of everything retails began marking down the cost. Six months later this £500 phone was retailing for £250 to £300.

And, sure, I’d still 100% recommend the LG G5.

In my opinion, if I didn’t have a recent provide of telephones coming throughout my table month in, month out I might all the time go for the former yr’s flagship; the iPhone 7 in 2017, the Galaxy S7 relatively than the S8, the OnePlus 3T, as soon as the OnePlus 5 launches. Once more, I am not pronouncing purchase a brand new phone each and every eyar - this isn't a just right name, however each time you do want a refresh remember to get remaining yr's absolute best fairly than no matter simply hit the marketplace. You get the theory.

Previous Hardware, Doesn’t Imply Out of date Hardware

Why? Easy, in reality: those trendy issues we name smartphones are remarkable items of generation. You don’t want to purchase a brand spanking new phone to get respectable efficiency.

A “new” Galaxy S7 or Galaxy S6 will nonetheless really feel like a brand new phone even though it isn’t the most recent type. Telephones get worn down through utilization; purchase an older style new and you are going to now not revel in this – those telephones are future-proofed to the hilt!

Some other, further choice is purchasing reconditioned.

The reconditioned course is a smart method of choosing up a most sensible of the road iPhone or Samsung phone (or a MacBook) for loads of greenbacks much less. You'll be able to do that on eBay, in fact, even though I would always go with a reputable provider like Gazelle, as they just raise qualified reconditioned devices.


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