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16 Tips to improve battery life on your Android phone

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16 Tips to improve battery life on your Android phone

There is something that plagues virtually all smartphones lately: bad battery life. Many telephones nonetheless can’t make it thru an afternoon with out being plugged in, and that drives us loopy. This is probably not an issue for you for those who’ve were given probably the most Android phones with the best battery life, however many of us are regularly left with a lifeless battery, considering how they may be able to prolong battery life on their phone.

We’ve were given you coated: listed here are 12 simple tips to squeeze each and every remaining drop of battery life from your Android phone. Let’s get began.

1. Learn approximately your phone’s unique tips

ultra power saving

The the first thing you will have to do is test to see if your phone has its personal unique tips. Some producers come with options to improve battery life. For instance, Samsung telephones have a function referred to as “Ultra Power Saving Mode.” This function will scale back efficiency, flip down the monitor brightness, disable history apps, and placed the house monitor into black-and-white.

HTC has an overly equivalent function referred to as “Extreme Power Saving Mode.” Just like Samsung, it reduces efficiency, dims the monitor brightness, disables historical past apps, and converts the house monitor to black-and-white. Read the Tips & Tricks article for your phone under to see if there are any battery-saving options to use.

2. Adjust display brightness manually

auto brightness

Every Android software comes with the power to modify the display brightness. Most folks make a selection to use the “Auto” surroundings, which mechanically adjusts the brightness to fit the location. As handy as car brightness may also be, it might have a poor have an effect on on battery life.

The capability of vehicle brightness varies significantly from phone to phone. Most of the time vehicle brightness mode will make the monitor brighter than it in point of fact wishes to be. Since the show is the largest devourer of battery life, this will have a large have an effect on. If you actually need to maximize your battery life, it’s higher to regulate the display brightness manually.

3. Make the monitor flip off faster

sleep timeout

The show on any phone is the largest drain of battery life. In the Power/Battery settings on your phone, “Screen” will just about all the time be indexed as the largest battery consumer. It’s no wonder that monitor-on time has one of these large have an effect on on battery life. There’s a very easy, not unusual feel tip that may improve your battery life.

Why now not restrict the period of time your monitor is on? Go to the Display settings on your phone and search for “Screen Timeout” or “Sleep.” This environment controls how lengthy the show remains on after your final contact. On so much units the default is 1 minute, however you'll be able to trim that down to 30 (and even 15) seconds to store valuable monitor-on time.

4. Use black wallpaper with AMOLED presentations

android wallpaper amoled

If you haven’t figured it out but, the show is a huge drain on battery life. We already mentioned how a shiny show eats extra battery, however the colours on your show can even have a poor have an effect on. There are primary kinds of show: LCD and AMOLED. If you've gotten an LCD show you don’t have to fear approximately this as so much, however AMOLED customers (Samsung units) will have to remember.

An AMOLED show works by way of illuminating person pixels. This way a black or darkish coloured pixel doesn’t require as so much illumination as a white or brightly coloured pixel. You can store power through the use of a black wallpaper. This gained’t have a big have an effect on on battery life, however each and every little bit counts. Check out our Android Wallpaper for AMOLED displays for a few darkish thought.

5. Always use a depressing subject with AMOLED presentations


We’ve already mentioned how AMOLED presentations can shop power via the use of black wallpapers. The similar good judgment applies to apps. If you've a phone with an AMOLED show, you will have to all the time use a gloomy topic while imaginable. I lot of apps offers you the power to select a subject. Always move darkish. Like the wallpaper, a depressing subject isn’t going to have a huge have an effect on on battery life, however it's going to lend a hand.

6. Turn off belongings you aren’t the use of


Did your mom ever inform you to “flip off the lighting fixtures while you depart the room!” or “when you’re now not enjoying with that, flip it off!” The similar good judgment applies to telephones. Things like Bluetooth, NFC, and WiFi may have an enormous have an effect on on battery life. If you’re now not the use of them, you will have to flip them off.

WiFi is a huge one. When you’re now not hooked up to a WiFi community, your phone will regularly seek for one. You’ve almost definitely noticed the “WiFi networks local” notification. Simply disabling WiFi while you’re clear of the puts you frequently use WiFi can keep battery life. Here’s a easy means to automate the method.

  1. Download the IF by IFTTT app
  2. Create a recipe
  3. IF you go out a space, THEN flip off WiFi

Make the objective space your house, paintings, or any place else you employ WiFi. You can create more than one recipes for more than one spaces, and it can be used to flip on WiFi. IFTTT can do the similar for Bluetooth and a lot more. It’s a good way to automate battery-saving tactics.

7. Use Airplane mode with out the plane

LG-G4 quick settings

If you’ve ever been on a aircraft you’ve heard the flight attendants teach all passengers to energy off all cellular units or placed them in plane mode. But you don’t have to be on an plane to use plane mode, and it can give a few fast battery-saving advantages.

In so much instances, plane mode disables mobile products and services, WiFi, and Bluetooth in a single fast motion. Like we discussed within the earlier tip, disabling products and services while you don’t want them is a great follow. You can allow plane mode while you’re in a film theater, taking a snooze, or making an attempt to Netflix and Chill.

8. Disable car-syncing for bills that don’t want it

google accounts sync

There’s a stealthy killer of battery life you most likely don’t find out about. If you employ a large number of apps, particularly Google apps, you’ll collect a long listing of products and services that sync within the history. You would possibly now not need a few of these products and services to be syncing within the historical past, nevertheless it’s now not simple to understand which of them are doing it. Turning off vehicle-sync for apps that don’t want it may possibly keep valuable battery life.

The procedure will have to be fairly identical on so much units. Here’s how to do it in inventory Android 6.0 Marshmallow.

  1. Go to Settings > Accounts
  2. Select an app to see what syncs (Google is a huge one)
  3. Under Google, you’ll discover a lengthy record of apps
  4. Disable all the apps you don’t use

This may also be performed for just about each and every app that calls for you to signal into an account. Not each and every app will permit you to disable syncing within the history, however you'll be able to delete your account if it’s one thing you don’t use frequently.

9. Tell your phone to prevent listening

ok google

Just as a result of your show is became off doesn’t imply your phone isn’t leaking valuable battery life. One factor that may do that is apps that experience “all the time listening” options enabled. The Google app is a not unusual culprit, nevertheless it has to be enabled through the consumer. If you permit the “Ok Google” command to get up your phone, battery life may well be taking a success.

The side effects of “all the time listening” apps are glaring. In order for an app to listen a selected command, it wishes to be continuously listening for the command. As we’ve already coated, apps that run within the history have an enormous have an effect on on battery life. If you in finding battery life to be not up to exceptional, you may want to believe disabling “all the time listening” apps.

Here’s how to flip off “Ok Google.”

  1. Open the Google app
  2. Swipe in from the left and make a selection Settings
  3. Select Voice > “Ok Google” detection
  4. Turn off Always on

10. Enable Battery Saver mode

 Lollipop battery saver

In our first tip, we mentioned how a few telephones have unique “excessive” battery saver modes. Those modes are helpful in emergencies, however in common low-battery scenarios, they may be able to be extra nerve-racking than useful. Android 5.0 Marshmallow presented a featured referred to as Battery Saver. You will have to be in a position to in finding a few type of Battery Saver in any phone operating Android 5.0+.

Battery Saver isn’t somewhat as hardcore because the “excessive” strategies indexed above. It will nonetheless restrict efficiency, dim the show, and kill history apps, however the phone is a lot more usable. Battery Saver can be set to mechanically flip on while you succeed in a undeniable battery proportion.

The steps under are for inventory Android 6.0 Marshmallow, however the procedure will have to be identical for so much telephones.

  1. Go to Settings > Battery
  2. Tap the 3-dot menu icon within the most sensible proper
  3. Select Battery saver
  4. You can flip it on manually, or make a selection Turn on routinely
  5. Choose your preferred time

11. Keep your apps up to date

Google Play Store DSC00328

Developers are continuously updating their apps within the Play Store. S lot of occasions you’ll realize such things as “Bug fixes and optimizations” within the changelogs. Those are belongings you gained’t essentially realize within the app, however they may be able to play an element in your battery life.

It’s essential to stay your apps up to date. An app that may be poorly optimized is usually a burden on battery life. As developers push updates to their apps to restore this stuff, you’ll need to ensure that to all the time have the recent model. An simple approach to all the time keep up-to-date is with “vehicle-update” within the Play Store.

  1. Open the Google Play Store app
  2. Go to Settings > Auto-update apps
  3. We suggest settling on Auto-update apps over WiFi handiest

12. Install a battery-maximizing app


There’s an app for the whole thing. Even for buying higher battery life. Most apps that declare to improve battery life are simply app killers. They kill apps within the history, however they do it in some way that may if truth be told hurt efficiency and battery life. Android is constructed to run more than one apps without delay. App killers get in the best way of that procedure.

One app that we adore is referred to as Greenify. It is helping you determine and placed misbehaving apps into hibernation while you’re now not the use of them, to prevent them from lagging your tool and leeching the battery. Greenify doesn’t “freeze” apps or use competitive activity killing. The apps resume proper the place you left off while opened once more, identical to how iOS treats history apps. [Download Greenify]

13. Take good thing about Android 6.0 Doze


In Android 6.0 Marshmallow, Google introduced some of the tough battery-saving options in lifestyles. It’s referred to as “Doze,” and it will possibly dramatically improve battery life on even the smallest of batteries. The best possible factor approximately Doze is it calls for no setup or attempt on your phase. It simply works.

When your tool is at relax, Doze routinely places it into a snooze state. You nonetheless get notifications from essential apps, however for probably the most phase, your phone is taking a snooze. Doze works extremely smartly. Your software can actually remaining days with Doze’s insanely just right idle time. All of this sounds nice, however there's one capture.

Doze handiest works while your phone is totally nonetheless. It gained’t paintings in the event you’re strolling round with your phone in your pocket all day. It principally handiest works if your phone is totally immobile, like on your table or nightstand. Even with that mild dilemma, Doze is in point of fact superb. If you've got a phone with Marshmallow, stay this in thoughts.

14. Beef up your phone with battery packs and instances


Does your phone be afflicted by bad battery life? We can rebuild it. We have the generation. We could make it higher than it used to be. Better, more potent, quicker.

We’re now not speaking approximately million greenback surgical procedure right here. You can hugely improve battery life with quite affordable battery packs and battery instances. If you’re fortunate sufficient to have a phone with a replaceable battery, such because the LG G4 or V10, you'll be able to simply switch in an absolutely charged battery on the fly. Search for “replacement battery” on Amazon.

Another smart way to prolong battery life is a battery case. These instances have batteries inbuilt, which will recharge your phone at a moments realize. You can discover a battery case for most well liked flagship telephones. This Incipio battery case for the Galaxy S6 has a 3700 mAh battery inside of, which can be utilized for multiple complete recharge.

15. Use a transportable charger while you'll be able to’t plug-in


Another method you'll be able to get a spice up in battery life is with moveable chargers. These can come in useful in case you’re now not in a position to plug in your phone during the day. I moveable charger is principally a battery with a charging cable hooked up to it. They are available many other sizes and outputs. These mini Star Wars themed chargers offer 2600 mAh, whilst this Anker charger has a whopping 20,000 mAh. Here are any other moveable chargers to take a look at.

16. Get software-particular recommendation

battery crack

If your battery isn’t acting as just right as you assume, there’s an excellent chance you’re now not on my own. Over at there are boards for each and every tool you'll be able to believe. People with the similar phone as you're discussing such things as battery life. Share your reviews and in finding out what folks have performed to improve the life in their software. Android Forums is a smart useful resource for customers such as you.


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