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10 Most Addictive Android Games of 2015

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10 Most Addictive Android Games of 2015

It’s now not fun to peer console-high quality video games on a cellular tool. We’re at some degree now the place telephones are tough sufficient to deal with top-definition portraits and excessive gameplay effectively. Still, cellular gaming is ruled via easy arcade-taste video games. They would possibly most effective require a couple of faucets right here and there, however their addictive nature is not anything to scoff at.

Last summer time we wrote concerning the 10 Most Addictive Android Games. In that record we had many vintage Android video games that were round for a whilst. This summer time we’re again with much more, however this time we’re that specialize in more recent video games. You’ll be enjoying those video games till your battery is screaming at you. Be positive to read our previous list for much more addictive video games. Let’s pass!

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atomas screens

Atomas is a puzzle recreation with a systematic twist. Your task is to create helpful parts akin to gold, platinum, and silver through combining atoms. It would possibly sound difficult, however the recreation is in reality quite simple. All you need to do is mix atoms with the similar numbers, however the trick to doing smartly is to create symmetric styles so you'll be able to mix more than one atoms directly. [Review]

What makes it addictive? Atomas is so much like a recreation referred to as Threes. There’s no timers or drive to “beat the sport.” Your personal top rating is motivation sufficient to stay you enjoying again and again. Every time you end a recreation your quick subsequent idea is “S can do higher than that.” [Download]

Bing Bong

Bing Bong screens

Bing Bong is sort of a tremendous simplified model of Frogger. You keep an eye on a unmarried dot that continuously movements from side to side throughout a “street” of shifting items. Every time your dot makes it to at least one aspect of the street you get some degree. The handiest method you'll be able to steer clear of the stumbling blocks is to decelerate your dot. You can’t transfer sideways or prevent utterly. It’s rapid-shifting a laugh. [Review]

What makes it addictive? There’s no time to prevent and assume, however because the recreation is all approximately timing you actually want to assume. This makes for speedy selections that aren’t all the time the most productive, and the sport is going so fast that you simply’ll instantly get started enjoying once more after it’s over. [Download]

Crossy Road


If Bing Bong is a simplified model of Frogger, Crossy Road is a beefed-up model. The objective is to get so far as imaginable with out being killed. You need to pass busy roads, rivers stuffed with logs and lily pads, railways, and extra. Unlike Bing Bong, you'll be able to transfer ahead, left, proper, and again, but when you are taking too lengthy to transport you’ll be kidnapped by way of an eagle.

What makes it addictive? Crossy Road is one of the ones video games that feels so much more uncomplicated than it in reality is. Every time you die it feels such as you simply made a mistake. So you’ll play again and again as a result of “O can simply beat that rating.” Another factor that makes it addictive is the unlockable characters. You’ll need to gather all of them. [Download]

Current Flow

current flow screens

The objective of Current Flow is to provide power to gentle bulbs via developing a whole circuit. To do that, you faucet on tiles to rotate conduit pipes. Once the pipes create a whole circuit among the facility source and the sunshine bulb it's going to remove darkness from. It’s reminiscent of an antique recreation referred to as Pipe Dream, however the pipes are already of their ultimate region, you simply have to seek out the fitting orientation. [Review]

What makes it addictive? Like so much of puzzle video games this one sucks you in through beginning off really easy. You can velocity in the course of the first 5 ranges effortlessly, however progressively it will get harder. Eventually, you gained’t have the ability to end a degree in a single try, and that may be the place the habit begins. “Just yet one more check out” becomes all of your afternoon. [Download]

Freaking Math

freaking math

Some video games are exhausting. Some video games are simple. Freaking Math is an extraordinary recreation that by some means may also be simple and tough on the similar time. The premise of this recreation is so easy it may be defined in a single sentence. You have 2 seconds to make a choice if a math equation is true or incorrect. That’s it. The equation is all the time easy addition, and the objective is to get as many right kind in a row as you'll be able to. [Review]

What makes it addictive? This recreation is really easy, however but so infuriatingly tricky. It’s that 2-2d timer that makes the sport addictive. If you are taking away the timer this turns into a broom-up on fundamental faculty math, however with the timer you’ll do such things as “1+1=3.” And then you definitely get mad and play once more. [Download]

Swing Copters

swing copters

The phenomenon that used to be Flappy Bird is probably not to be had anymore, however you'll be able to nonetheless play the moderately much less addictive practice-up. In Swing Copters you regulate slightly dude in a propellor cap. The purpose is to fly as top as you'll be able to with out hitting the stumbling blocks. All it's a must to do is faucet to switch instructions, however it’s now not as simple because it sounds.

What makes it addictive? Flappy Bird used to be a huge good fortune as it took a great easy idea and simply cranked the trouble as much as 11. Everyone noticed how simple it seemed and had to take a look at it for themselves. Swing Copters is the very same concept. It seems really easy to play, however you temporarily in finding out it’s now not. [Download]

Tadpole Tap

tadpole tap

Tadpole Tap is all approximately looking to get your tadpole to succeed in the sky. The most effective option to get there's together with your tongue. You can latch directly to seaweed and lilypads to climb your method up, however specific sorts can’t cling your weight for lengthy. You’ll additionally need to consume flies as your hiking, however don’t keep in a single position for too lengthy or emerging tide gets you.

What makes it addictive? There’s so much to procedure whilst you’re enjoying this reputedly easy video games. You need to play shut consideration to the belongings you latch onto, and stay up for flies and snag. Playing the sport is lovely addictive on its own, however the skill to enhance your tadpole and purchase energy-united states of americamakes it even higher. [Download]


timberman screens

In Timberman you play as a burly lumberjack (or Jill) on the backside of a hugely tall tree. The purpose is to cut down as so much of the tree as imaginable whilst heading off branches and holding your power bar crammed. Simply faucet the left or proper aspect of the tree to cut. That’s all there's to it. [Review]

What makes it addictive? Timberman can be an addictive recreation by itself, however the power bar on the most sensible of the monitor is what takes it to the following degree. There’s no time to consider your subsequent chop. It’s in reality approximately how briskly you'll be able to chop with out dropping regulate. The most effective factor for you to make you are taking a holiday is finger fatigue. [Download]

Two Dots

two dots

Two Dots is definitely probably the most complicated recreation in this record. At the center it’s approximately connecting strings of dots. It’s a easy idea, however there's a lot more concerned. Sometimes the dots are frozen in ice, occasionally there's fireplace that burns the dots, now and again it's a must to get anchors to the ground of the grid. It begins simple and progressively provides extra techniques into the sport.

What makes it addictive? Many issues. Connecting dots to transparent a grid is an addictive idea by itself. Throw within the additional stumbling blocks and tool-usaand you’ve were given one thing even higher. There’s additionally an power gadget that handiest lets you fail a specific amount of occasions ahead of it's a must to wait to play. This makes each and every transfer that a lot more necessary. [Download]



Like such a lot of different addictive video games, the basis of ULTRAFLOW is discreet in concept: get your ball to the objective. In order to try this you wish to have to dance your ball off of partitions, however it doesn’t prevent there. You’re best allowed a specific amount of bounces, and there are lots of stumbling blocks making it harder. [Review]

What makes it addictive? You can check out over and over again in speedy succession. Once you recognize the ball isn’t going to succeed in the purpose within the alloted bounces you'll be able to double-faucet to take a look at once more. You don’t even need to look forward to the present flip to be over. This is each a blessing and a curse. It’s great not to need to stay up for an clearly failed try, nevertheless it additionally way you’ll be enjoying for hours. [Download]

Honorable Mention

When you listen “addictive video games” there are specific titles that are evoked. These titles are so widespread that many have damaged into the mainstream. You can in finding their characters on t-shirts and the toy isle. Since you’ve most probably already performed those video games we didn’t come with them in the primary listing, however they're value a play for antique occasions sake.

  1. Angry Birds
  2. Candy Crush Saga
  3. Cut the Rope
  4. Doodle Jump
  5. Fruit Ninja
  6. Plants vs. Zombies
  7. Super Hexagon
  8. Temple Run
  9. Tetris
  10. Words With Friends

Of path, there are lots of different video games that may be referred to as “addictive.” What are your favorites? How lengthy have you ever performed an addictive recreation?


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