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Want Some BlackBerry Swag?

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Want Some BlackBerry Swag?



The BlackBerry Swag Up motion has formally began. S am running with Tech Guru @mrjlwilliams to convey all BlackBerry enthusiasts an opportunity to win a few loose BlackBerry swag courtesy of Tweet up why you wish to have a few BlackBerry swag with hash tag #BlackBerrySwagUp and you want to win that straightforward!

This unique giveaway is all approximately BlackBerry Developer reinforce and making sure that we unfold the affection to all BlackBerry enthusiasts.

Check out the BlackBerry Fan membership Channel – C002DE04B and sign up for us nowadays!

For extra BlackBerry Swag information take a look at the video under. Enjoy and just right good fortune!



Make positive you practice @mrjlwilliams on Twitter and sign up for his YouTube Channel

BlackBerry Fan membership Channel – C002DE04B


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