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The Porsche Design P’9983 Graphite BlackBerry Smartphone Officially Announced

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The Porsche Design P’9983 Graphite BlackBerry Smartphone Officially Announced

BlackBerry has officially introduced the P’9983 smartphone. The new model is not much different from the P’9983 which is already available for purchase. But the Graphite model takes luxury to an altogether new height.

The Graphite edition offers several personalization options. Besides the hand-wrapped leather cover, it is available with several exclusive graphite colored elements.

The new model is designed with individuality, integrity and longevity at its core. It allows its owners to show off their individual style.

BlackBerry says that the new model is built for people who constantly strive for success. And to help their cause, BlackBerry has loaded it with sophisticated collaboration and communication tools. The smartphone also boasts of enhanced productivity, privacy and ultimate security.

The P’9983 Graphite model is available from select carriers, Porsche Design store, and retailers all over the world. It is not cheap. It runs $1,950. At that price point, of course, few people can afford to buy it. But if you have got the money, this is a great device to splurge on.

The P’9983 Graphite model combines Porsche Design’s uniquely stylish design with BlackBerry’s world class productivity experience. It is made of the best quality materials.

The handset has a graphite stainless steel frame. The keyboard which sports specially designed glass like keys was designed by Porsche Design in collaboration with BlackBerry.

The Graphite edition has an exclusive PIN ID group starting 2AAXXXXX. This ID will set you apart from other BlackBerry users and allow other Porsche Design users to recognize you instantly.

This model brings together world class security and timeless aesthetics. It offers all the best features of BlackBerry 10.

They include:

The QWERTY Keyboard

The handset has an elegantly designed QWERTY keyboard that provides the ultimate typing experience. The next word suggestion and the personalized auto-correction make typing faster and easier. The keyboard also has a keypad with glass-like keys.

Communication and collaboration tools

For secure communication, there is the BlackBerry Messenger. BBM has security at its core so you can rest assured that all of your professional and personal communications are safe from prying eyes.

BlackBerry Blend

The Blend brings content on your BlackBerry phone to your tablet and computer. So, if you are working on your tablet or computer you will be able to receive BBM notifications and other messages on that device. You don’t have to pick up your phone to read or respond to those messages. As it eliminates the need to switch between devices, you will be able to enjoy enhanced productivity.  And then there are the BlackBerry Assistant and the BlackBerry Hub.

Porsche Design P'9983 Graphite BlackBerry


Commendable battery life

BlackBerry devices are always known for their long battery life. The P’9983 Graphite has a large 2100 mAh battery. The BlackBerry 10 is also designed to reduce power consumption. As a result, the device gets exceptional battery life.

Exclusive Accessories

There are several exclusive accessories for the Porsche Design P’9983 Graphite. The handset ships with a universal charging kit, a superior stereo headset, a USB cable and a polishing cloth. You can also personalize your phone with a hand-wrapped back door created from Italian leather. The leather cover is available in 8 colors.


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