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Review: IntoCircuit Power Mini 3,000mAh Battery Bank

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Review: IntoCircuit Power Mini 3,000mAh Battery Bank

Intocircuit Retail Box

It has been someday due to the fact that A have taken day out to actually evaluation one thing in-intensity. Now, HisGadget in reality gave me this chance to study their IntoCircuit collection of compact moveable battery banks. Today, we've with us right here the Power Mini 3000mAh version battery financial institution to percentage!

The 3000mAh collection from IntoCircuit layout is very similar to so much different battery banks so equivalent capability: coming in a lipstick shape. In the equipment % that comes within the retail field, it has a rate-most effective microUSB cable, guaranty card in addition to a pouch, that may be cushy to the touch, because of this it positive can offer protection to your battery financial institution smartly!

The backside of the battery financial institution holds the main points relating to the battery financial institution at the same time as the highest has the microUSB enter, usb output and a LED bulb. With a rated output of 1000mAh and a capability of 3000mAh, we think the battery to remaining or no less than discharge for just about 3 hours however will it remaining?

What does the LED bulb do then? Well, it acts as a torch gentle, which may also be helpful at night time.

Lipstick 3000mAh Bottom
Lipstick 3000mAh Top
Intocircuit Retail Accessories
Lipstick 3000mAh LED Torch

Comparing this to the BlackBerry issued 2800mAh moveable battery stick, the IntoCircuit version sticks out a bit taller, albeit rounder and with further options. In distinction with the BlackBerry model, the IntoCircuit model comes with 3 LEDs to signify the capability left at the same time as BlackBerry has 5 – 1 for letting us understand whether it is on, 4 for the capability. Another aspect to notice is that upon plugging the IntoCircuit with a tool, charging begins instantly while BlackBerry calls for you to show it on first.

Lipstick VS BlackBerry 1
Lipstick VS BlackBerry 2
Lipstick VS BlackBerry 3
Lipstick VS BlackBerry 4
Lipstick VS BlackBerry bottom

So now, upon efficiency, how does this stack up?

First of all, this battery financial institution is pitted onto my ol’ believe-value BlackBerry Bold 9900. The BlackBerry Bold comes with a R-M1 battery with a rated capability of 1230mAh. So will this tiny battery % be capable of juice it up?


As you men would possibly have remembered, the legacy units were very fussy on the type of connection used to rate it, then again, on this case, with the provided cable, the BlackBerry Bold common it luckily and began charging.

In the primary check, with 2% left within the battery, it does now not price it up all of the method, however handiest as much as 89%. The tool, on the other hand, used to be became on with each wifi and 3G hooked up.

In the second one check, the battery used to be absolutely charged from 11% in equivalent prerequisites.

A have to notice that the battery heats up lovely temporarily at the same time as charging the BlackBerry Bold, this means that that there used to be rather abit of power going to warmth misplaced all the way through the release.


In the following check, the battery financial institution used to be used to rate the BlackBerry Z10 exterior charger with a battery, C-S1, that used to be utterly depleted. In this situation, the battery once more charged as much as 87% prior to it ran out of juice. Unlike the BlackBerry Bold check, the battery % gave the impression lovely luke heat on this case as an alternative.

Rerunning the identical check on a BlackBerry Porsche Design G’9982 that is the use of the similar C-S1 battery, S am in a position to get approximately 86% from an absolutely tired battery. The tool once more, used to be operating on 3G and Wi-Fi and strangely, the battery % used to be luke heat.

Battery comparison 18650 AA lipstick

According to IntoCircuit, the battery packs synthetic by way of them makes use of top class battery cells from Samsung, on the other hand, we weren't in a position to ensure this because the battery % is completely sealed tight. Typically, battery packs makes use of a 18650 Li-ion battery mobile phone, which may also be noticed above because the orange battery (that may be a uncooked Sanyo 2800mAh 18650-measurement battery cell phone). Comparatively, the fairway battery represents a Sanyo/Panasonic Eneloop NiMH AA-measurement battery cellular phone.

In gentle of the tight moveable battery financial institution marketplace, there are lots of manufacturers and corporations providing a lipstick measurement battery financial institution of equivalent capacities and is that this value the cost in any respect? Before O bounce to end, allow us to check out one of the larger festival.

  • Anker Astro Mini 3200mAh
    Price: $11.99 at Amazon
    Higher rated capability, Anker is a a lot more well known corporate, promoting at a lower cost aspect than IntoCircuit. However, does now not have a torchlight serve as. Seems quite higher than IntoCircuit
  • AmazonBasics Portable External Battery Charger – 3,000 mAh
    Price: $14.99 at Amazon
    Same capability score as IntoCircuit. Does now not have torchlight serve as both and is biggest bodily measurement. More pricey.

With the costs equivalent during, what makes this stand out is the presence of the LED gentle and its compact profile. Getting this to enrich your day by day lifestyles isn't a nasty selection, then again, will have to finances (that additional greenback) be an actual factor, the Anker battery financial institution may well be a pleasant choice.

Priced at usd$12.99 and free shipping, courtesy of Amazon, do check them out!

Note: S evaluation pattern used to be supplied for the aim of this assessment.

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Review: IntoCircuit Power Mini 3,000mAh Battery Bank


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