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How BlackBerry Blend Makes BB 10.3.1 Even Better

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How BlackBerry Blend Makes BB 10.3.1 Even Better

The BlackBerry OS 10.3 debuted on BlackBerry Passport. And during the last 5 months since its launch, BlackBerry has managed to tweak it and improve it. The company has also added some new features.

Now the latest version of the OS 10.3.1 is being rolled out to all BlackBerry 10 devices. One of the most remarkable features of the BB 10.3.1 is the BlackBerry Blend.

What is BlackBerry Blend?

If you constantly find yourself switching between your phone and tablet/computer, the Blend is the right solution you need. It is a wireless application that allows you to access the conversations, files, contacts and calendars stored on your BlackBerry device from other devices like tablets and computers.

This is a simple concept but its implications are huge. You will no longer have to email data from one device to the other or find a USB drive to copy files. Blend allows you to seamlessly work across multiple devices without worrying about the security of your data. When you log out, no information is left behind. If you receive a notification on your BlackBerry while working on your computer, you don’t have to pick up the device to read the notification. If you have Blend enabled on both devices, you will automatically receive the notification on your computer.

Blend has been well-received by the critics as well as users. According to the reviewer at VentureBeat, Blend is the best thing BlackBerry has launched since the Bold.

What Blend can do for you?

BlackBerry Blend allows you to access the data stored on your BlackBerry device from any tablet or computer. This is a free app. Blend will ensure that your productivity is not affected when you leave your BB device at the office or home. No matter where the device is, you will be able to access its content from any part of the world. You will also be able to send files to and from the phone.

Blend does not compromise the safety of your data. Through BlackBerry Balance, IT managers can separate personal and work profiles. You can even use Blend on the computer of your friend or colleague because you will leave no information behind when you log out.

BB blend

Do you bring work home? Well, if you use Blend, you can eliminate the need to bring your work laptop home because you can access your office files from your BlackBerry while sitting at home. This is something that corporations cannot find on other mobile platforms.

You can easily install Blend on any personal computer or tablet. It is a quick download. While the data will still remain on the phone, it can be accessed from other personal devices. You can also send data from your computer to your BlackBerry device. The reviewer at Ars Technica feels that if BlackBerry had launched Blend in 2011, the mobile world would have looked quite different.

Blend has an app for Android and iOS. That means you will be able to use the service on another smartphone and not just on your PC or Mac.


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