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Facebook Mobile App News Feed Having Privacy Issues

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Facebook Mobile App News Feed Having Privacy Issues

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O week or so in the past, A spotted that my News Feed within the BlackBerry 10 Facebook app used to be inundated with posts appearing me the whole thing my pals “Like” or touch upon, together with actions of people that have been NOT on my Friends record. For instance: Bob isn't my family member, however Sally is my family member. O see a publish that Bob modified his profile percent, and Sally favored it. The comparable is going for feedback. S see while Sally feedback on a submit of Bob’s.

A idea perhaps FB had modified a few Privacy settings on us once more, so O combed thru my settings at the personal computer web site to ensure the whole thing used to be locked down tight. It used to be. Since S did this on my PC, S spotted that the problem didn't happen at the computer website online. I fast test in my BB Classic browser confirmed that the cellular internet web site used to be additionally unaffected.

S have because showed that many of us are experiencing this comparable factor. S stated it in BlackBerry Beta Zone and noticed some other identical submit from somebody else. A have showed it with a few other folks in more than one BlackBerry Groups, more than one pals on FB, and my whole circle of relatives. My FB pals showed this factor is going on on iOS and Android units.

Now, excluding making the cellular apps all however unusable as a result of the flood of undesirable subject matter, there could also be very so much a privateness factor right here. If O can see what other folks-now not-my-pals are doing, and what my pals are liking and commenting on, most probably they may be able to see MY actions, too. S have my FB privateness settings locked down as utterly as imaginable. Most issues are set to Friends or Only Me. If the app is appearing my actions to folks S have now not approved it to, then Facebook is blatantly violating my privateness (moreso than it already does). This is a huge privateness drawback, and it must be fastened. Pronto.

Given that it's being said throughout more than one systems, my suspicion is that a elementary amendment within the Facebook API came about just lately and spread out this hollow. (Disclaimer: A am now not a developer, however A know the way these things works.)

If you're experiencing this factor on your Facebook app, tell us within the feedback. Use the Report S Problem serve as (Select News Feed for the product) and describe your signs. Spread it on Facebook. Ask your mates. Tweet it from the mountaintops. Link to this newsletter. Whatever. Get the phrase in the market.

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Facebook Mobile App News Feed Having Privacy Issues


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