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BlackBerry Unveils Its Latest Smartphone “Leap”

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BlackBerry Unveils Its Latest Smartphone “Leap”

BlackBerry announced its latest smartphone “Leap” at the Mobile World Congress held in Barcelona. This is an all screen device with a 5 inch HD display. It has an 8 megapixel camera and 16GB of storage. There is a microSD card slot just in case you need more storage.

Just like other smartphones from BlackBerry, the Leap will also get commendable battery life. However, unlike the Passport and the Classic, the Leap does not have a physical keyboard.

Emphasis on security

The Leap has security at its core. It is meant for the mobile professional who wants to keep their private affairs private. While unveiling the phone BlackBerry also emphasized its security features.

We are living in a world where our privacy is at risk. Your smartphone contains a lot of information about your work and personal life. If it is not built with the industry standards of security, your private information can go public at any moment. Several people including some high profile celebrities learned this the hard way a couple of months ago.

The Leap comes with built-in back-up, malware protection, wipe and restore capabilities. It supports advanced encryption technologies. All of these are carefully designed to prevent you from falling victim to cyber-attacks that can be both embarrassing and costly.


The Leap does not have a physical keyboard, but that is hardly a limitation. The touchscreen keyboard allows you to type quickly and accurately. In addition, the personalized word suggestions make typing easier.

Long battery life

The Leap gets about 25 hours of battery life. Charge it once and it will last a full day. It has a 2800 mAH battery.  The fact that BlackBerry 10 is optimized to reduce power consumption also increases battery life.

The BlackBerry Leap runs BlackBerry’s 10.3.1 OS. It is not the first all-touch device from BlackBerry. The 5 inch display has a 720p HD resolution. This is a mid-range model aimed at the ‘career building’ young professionals and business organizations that value privacy and security.

The Leap makes BlackBerry’s portfolio more rounded. While the company still places a lot of emphasis on devices with physical keyboards, it is nice to see them launch an all-screen device with attractive specifications.

The LeapBesides the Leap, BlackBerry teased another device at the MWC. This is a curved phone with a physical keyboard which slides out from below the screen. BlackBerry did not mention the name of the device.

Meanwhile, BlackBerry has reiterated its decision to give rival platforms access to its secure services. The company announced that it would offer three new bundles of services for a fee to Android, iOS and Windows Phone devices. BlackBerry’s Experience Suites will provide paid access to its secure email, calendar, password management, Universal Search and virtual-keyboard tools. They allow customers to benefit from BlackBerry’s security and collaboration features while at the same retaining their right to choose a product that matches their personality and lifestyle.

Although Apple, Microsoft and Google have been trying hard to tout their apps as business friendly, they lack the proven track record that BlackBerry enjoys. That’s why several business analysts expect BlackBerry Experience Suites to be quite popular.


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