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BlackBerry Passport Continues to Impress Users; Gets Compared to Fine Wine

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BlackBerry Passport Continues to Impress Users; Gets Compared to Fine Wine

Smartphones aren’t usually compared to fine wine, but that didn’t stop ZDNet from using this analogy to express their admiration for the BlackBerry Passport.

Fine wine gets better with age. ZDNet’s Matthew Miller, who has been using the BlackBerry Passport for five months, feels that the Passport also gets better with age.

Miller had previously included the Passport in his list of the best business phones. He called it the world’s best QWERTY phone in a unique form factor. After using the device for several months, he can’t stop showering even more praise on it.

Miller says that the Passport continues to impress him daily. While his interest in a new smartphone typically wears off within 2 or 3 months, the Passport still remains a favorite with him. In his opinion, it is one of those rare devices that make him want to go back for more and more.

What he likes about the Passport?

Miller says that he is quite impressed with the operating system and the rock solid construction. He is also all praise for the keyboard which gets better the more you type on it. In addition, the device gets excellent battery life. In fact, it lasts longer than all other smartphones on the market. As for call quality, well, the Passport beats other smartphones in that department too.

The BlackBerry Passport runs the feature rich BlackBerry 10 OS. BB 10 boasts of some commanding features including a sophisticated communications system called the BlackBerry HUB. In fact, the Hub is by far the most efficient communication system you will ever find on a smartphone. By simply fine tuning it to fit your needs, you can increase your productivity. The browser is also quite powerful. It comes with several advanced features like functional reading mode and smart links. You will also be able to share files using a variety of services installed on the device. All of these features make browsing on the Passport an enjoyable experience.

In addition, the BlackBerry Assistant gives precise voice-to-text results. You can easily launch the Assistant by pressing the button found between the volume buttons. The BlackBerry Blend is another cool feature that makes centralized communications possible. It allows you to keep in touch using any device you have. In fact, the Blend offers the best connectivity across platforms.

BlackBerry PassportBlackBerry devices are often criticized for their limited access to apps, but that issue does not affect the Passport. The Passport has access to the BlackBerry World and Amazon Appstore and hence you will not miss any apps that you regularly use.

The BlackBerry Passport is a device designed for getting things done. It is built with that purpose in mind and that makes it better than other smartphones that also have some productivity features baked into them. The Passport gets your jobs done more efficiently than other smartphones.

Pricing and Availability

The unlocked BlackBerry Passport can be bought from The black and white models are currently available for $599. The limited edition Red Passport runs $699. The Passport can also be bought from Amazon. AT&T offers the unsubsidized version for $649.99. If you are ready to sign up for a 2-year service contract, you can have the device for $199.99.


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