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BlackBerry Gets Excellent Coverage at the Mobile World Congress

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BlackBerry Gets Excellent Coverage at the Mobile World Congress

BlackBerry made a splash at the Mobile World Congress with some cool device launches and announcements. The Mobile World Congress (MWC) held annually in Barcelona is a bit like the Olympics for mobile devices and their manufacturers.

Manufacturers send their best challengers forward and compete with one another to get the best media coverage.

BlackBerry unveiled its Leap and announced the Porsche design ‘Keian’ phone at MWC. The company also introduced new color options for the Classic and teased a new phone with a dual curved display and a ‘slider’ form factor. Just like the Leap, the Slider too got a lot of attention.

Here is a quick overview of the products BlackBerry introduced at the MWC.

The ‘Midrange-but-Capable’ Leap

Last year BlackBerry launched its Z3 in developing markets. It was well-received and now BlackBerry has given customers another all-touch device. The BlackBerry Leap has a 5-inch HD touchscreen. As it runs the latest BlackBerry OS version 10.3.1, it has got the Hub, the BlackBerry Messenger and the Blend built into it. The phone also boasts of BlackBerry’s high end security features.

Leap coming soon

The Leap is priced at US $275. If you sign up for a service contract, it will cost less. The device has been praised for its attractive looks and clean and simplistic design. Though it is a midrange phone, it is a quite capable one at that. The Leap is a great replacement for the BlackBerry Z3.

Meanwhile, BlackBerry has announced that the Classic will be available in bronze, blue and white besides the black model. BlackBerry also teased a Porsche Design BB 10 device at MWC. Just like older Porsche phones, this one also has a code name beginning with K.

Here comes the Slider

However, the device that got the most attention was the Slider. It is a svelte device with a dual curved screen. The tease surprised everyone and invited numerous comments, tweets and articles. In terms of looks, the Slider is somewhat similar to the Samsung Galaxy S6. In fact, it was one of the most surprising announcements made at this year’s trade show.

Mobile World CongressManufacturers are bringing out increasingly similar devices. If BlackBerry manages to pull the Slider successfully, it will be a great differentiator for the company. The BlackBerry Passport made lots of headlines for its unique design. It was received well by the customers and the critics. It looks like BlackBerry is trying to repeat the same success with this dual edge phone.

Slider phones have been around for some time. But the BlackBerry Slider is the coolest slider around. Analysts expect it to sell faster because it is the kind of phone that BlackBerry users have long been waiting for. According to Engadget, the Slider is a product of the holy union between the Passport and the Leap. It has an interesting retro form-factor. The Slider has got great appeal and may turn out to be a best seller when it hits the market.

The fact that BlackBerry is forging its own path instead of launching another ‘me too’ device has got lots of people excited. Aside from its interesting form factor, we don’t know many details about the Slider at the moment. Hopefully, BlackBerry will reveal more details soon.


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