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BlackBerry Apps Once Again!

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BlackBerry Apps Once Again!

BlackBerry users have access to countless native BlackBerry and Android applications. If you need productivity apps, just head to BlackBerry World where you will find tons of them. If you are looking for games and other entertainment apps, you can find them in Amazon Appstore as well!

We discovered several cool apps this week. Here is a quick overview of them.

Smash Hit

This is a gem of a game that will certainly grab your interest. Smash Hit has excellent graphics. You can see even the tiniest details. You will also be able to adjust the quality of the graphics. Your goal is to pass through the tunnels and mazes while smashing the pyramids with marbles. Keep in mind that you only have a limited supply of them. To shoot, tap on an area of the screen. You will gain extra marbles whenever you smash a target and you can use them to destroy the obstacles in your path. Along the way, there are several milestones to reach.

If you use the premium version you will be able to save your progress. The free version does not support this feature. So, every time you play, you have to start afresh. Smash Hit is a free app, but if you want to unlock some features, you will have to purchase it for $1.99.

Keyboard Shortcuts

BlackBerry OS version 10.3.1 supports keyboard shortcuts. That means, you can assign actions to specific keys. Keyboard shortcuts save time and enhance your productivity. Besides the existing keyboard shortcuts, this app gives you 32 extra shortcuts. Keyboard Shortcuts can be purchased for $2.99.

Geodesic Asteroids

This is an arcade game that you can use to kill time. This game is based on physics. You can play on a 2D map view or a 3D torus. Although this is a simple game, its concepts and mechanics are quite interesting. This is a free game. There is a premium version with additional features. This can be played only on touchscreen devices.


This is the first native MixCloud app for BlackBerry 10. When users are logged into their account, they will be able to enjoy their favorite mixes and follow other cloudcasters. They will also be able to add their mixes. This app runs $1.99.

Camera ZOOM FX

You will find plenty of photo apps in Amazon Appstore and BlackBerry World. The Camera Zoom FX is a nice photo editing app. It comes with numerous options including the collage mode and the time lapse mode. You will also be able to apply a variety of textures and overlays. You can buy this app for $2.99.

CryptoWipe – Data disposal

This is a file manager that allows you to delete your data securely, with overwrite. Using the free version, you can erase any file. There are no restrictions on location, size or file type. The premium version also supports periodical wipe. This feature allows users to select directories that they want to be wiped after a specific period of time. This is a free app. It is compatible with all BlackBerry 10 devices.


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