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BlackBerry Announces Cross-platform Experience Suite at Mobile World Congress

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BlackBerry Announces Cross-platform Experience Suite at Mobile World Congress

BlackBerry announced its cross-platform secure software solutions called Experience Suite at Mobile World Congress held in Barcelona in February. With this Suite, BlackBerry is bringing out its strengths in collaboration and communication to mobile devices running Android, iOS and Windows.

BlackBerry Messenger, BES and BlackBerry Blend have already gone cross-platform. The new Experience Suite will allow all mobile professionals to enhance their productivity by working across all of their devices in a secure and effortless manner.

The Experience Suite is a company-wide initiative. BlackBerry’s cross-platform strategy has been well-received by businesses and customers alike. It is true that the company has lost its monopoly in the mobile handset segment. However, BlackBerry is still the undisputed leader when it comes to mobile security. The Experience Suite will complement BlackBerry’s innovative and secure hardware with equally secure software solutions.

Think about BlackBerry Hub. It allows you to access all of your notifications and messages in one place. All of us have accounts on multiple social networks. Many people use more than one email ID. An ability to access all of your messages in one place eliminates the need to check multiple accounts constantly. This not only saves time, but also makes it easy to stay connected to your family and colleagues. It is no wonder then that the BlackBerry Hub is being widely regarded as the solution to ‘Messaging’s Mission Impossible’.

The BBM Protected, which is another ultra-secure solution from BlackBerry, meets the changing requirements of mobile professionals, enterprises and device manufacturers. BlackBerry CEO John Chen has already made it clear that they will not waste any opportunity to broaden their software footprint. Businesses have always preferred BlackBerry’s ultra-secure software solutions. Some of these users may have switched to Android and iOS, but they still love BlackBerry’s iconic security. And BlackBerry wants to cater to their needs with their software solutions. It does not matter whether they are on a BlackBerry Passport or an iPhone.

Mobile World CongressThe BlackBerry Experience Suite will consist of 3 distinct bundles of solutions and services.

BlackBerry Productivity Suite:

The Productivity Suite will allow you to manage your personal and work messages and edit files across all of your devices in a fast and secure manner. It will allow you to access all of your work and personal messages in one place.

Deeply integrated search and intelligent work flows will allow you to respond to priority communications first.

BlackBerry Communication & Collaboration Suite:

The Communication and Collaboration Suite will allow you to collaborate with colleagues in real time through voice calls, instant meetings, video chat and integrated calendar view. You will be able to view and edit calendar invitations and documents across your devices in a secure and effortless manner.

BlackBerry Security Suite:

The BlackBerry Security Suite will protect your work and personal information from data theft and malware attacks with the help of BlackBerry’s privacy controls and secure encryption.

With the Security Suite, you can secure your phone calls, messages, emails, and documents across all mobile computing environments.

The Experience Suite will be available later this year. BlackBerry will sell these suites together or individually.


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