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Awesome BlackBerry Apps Roundup This Week

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Awesome BlackBerry Apps Roundup This Week

There are plenty of apps for your BlackBerry 10 device. Here is a quick overview of some exciting new apps we discovered this week.

Shot Share

BlackBerry 10 allows you to share files quickly and easily. But, sometimes you may still need a headless app to do things quicker. Shot Share is one such app that allows you to share shots quickly. The moment you take a screen shot, a notification will appear in your hub and at the top of the screen. When you tap on this notification, you will be taken to the share screen. Besides sharing the screen shots, this app will organize them. You will be able to view all screen shots at once. You can select multiple screen shots or you can select all of them. You can also delete shots from your device. Shot Share runs $0.99.

Word Brain

If you are a word puzzle addict, you will love the game. Before you start playing this game, you have to adjust its appearance by swiping down from the top. This is a part quiz, part word search game. There are 4 different types of play and you have to choose one of them to start playing. This is a free game. In each category there are more than 150 levels.

Distant Suns (max)

If you are into stargazing, you will love this app. The application opens up to a big star map where you can use the screen controls to focus on particular planets, objects or constellations. You can see over 200 galaxies, stars, constellations and nebulas on the display. If you change the date, you will get to see how the sky looked or will look on that day. You can learn interesting things about constellations. This is not a free app. It can be downloaded from Amazon for $5.99. There is a cheaper version of this app with fewer features. It runs $2.99.


This is a simple puzzle game that you will enjoy playing. It is easy at certain levels. There are no scores or time limits. The game comes with a relaxing sound track. It might seem to be simple at first, but as you advance to higher levels it becomes harder. This brainteaser runs $0.99. It can be downloaded from Amazon Appstore.


This is an excellent productivity application. It offers several features not normally found in other task applications. Some useful features include Single entries, SmartCopy and SmartDetection. Each one of these options allows users to create list in different ways. The SmartFrame feature allows you to work with your lists through the ActiceFrame. You can also share your list with other people who use SmartList10.  You can download this app for $1.99.

Browsie Browser

The BlackBerry 10 browser is pretty good. You might still enjoy downloading and installing third party browsers. Browsie Browser is a native BB app that supports private browsing, bookmarks, reader and night modes. You will be able to open links in new tabs. You can also lock the application with the pin. Browsie Browser is compatible with all BB 10 devices. It runs $0.99.


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