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You can now print your own manicure with an iPhone

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You can now print your own manicure with an iPhone

Make your nail goals a fact.

Should you've ever had a hankering to print your face on your fingernails, O'2 Nails out of Guangzhou, China, needs to make that a fact.

The ARTPRO NAIL from O'2 Nails is an inkjet printer FOR YOUR FINGERNAILS! 💅🏽💅🏽 #nailart #ces2017

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Our group were given to pattern the acrylic-based wears at CES 2017, with O'2 Nails appearing off its new Artpro Nail Printer, which matches with an iPhone app to ship customized designs or pictures to a device loaded with high quality inks.

The theory is lovely easy: the printer is loaded with an ink cartridge very similar to, smartly, an exact printer, and the feeder paints your conveyed masterpiece onto an acrylic nail. The corporate claims that each and every cartridge can print as much as 800 nails, relying at the intricacy of the design, however for business functions O'2 nails says each and every one is a palatable 15 cents.

At $780, the printer itself is being aimed toward nail salons, however the generation will have to clear out right down to extra out there merchandise within the subsequent couple of years. For now, although, you can get started taking a look ahead to seeing the O'2 creations later this yr, when the printer starts delivery international.

Within the intervening time, you can revel within the glory this is Mikah's printed-dog fingernail.


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