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Yes, the iPhone 7 lenses really are sapphire

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Yes, the iPhone 7 lenses really are sapphire

Science is tricky. And so is observing movies.

Rene Ritchie has been masking Apple and the private generation business for just about a decade. Editorial director for Cellular Countries, analyst for iMore, video and podcast host, you'll be able to practice him on Snapchat, Instagram, or Twitter @reneritchie.

There is a YouTube video going round appearing exams carried out on the sapphire lens of the iPhone 7 that is raised some web controversy about whether or not or now not the lens is in reality sapphire. Here is what Apple advised iMore in a remark:

"Apple confirms the iPhone 7 digital camera lens is sapphire, and underneath right kind checking out prerequisites achieves the hardness and purity effects anticipated from sapphire."

So what is going on? The video is ok for what it's, nevertheless it does not come with the essential controls and incorporates sufficient theories all the way through that the final conclusion it reaches would possibly break out individuals who do not perceive the topic or do not watch it intently.

Let's ruin it down.

Is Apple the use of sapphire glass?

Apple is really the use of sapphire glass. Learn the remark above, seek advice from

Sapphire crystal lens duvet

See Phil Schiller's tweet:

Or just watch the YouTube video:

Once I examined the out of doors of the lens, I were given an enormous studying of aluminum oxide [sapphire — Ed.], because of this the lens is maximum certainly sapphire on the external.

So why is it scratching?

It is not. The decrease hardness equipment don't seem to be scratching the lens. They are fracturing it.

The scratching of the watch vs. the fracturing of the lens is obviously said in the video and proven beneath the microscope.

Fracturing — versus scratching — is what occurs when you've got one thing so extremely skinny — in contrast to the a lot thicker watch used for comparability — and also you follow drive without a degree of keep an eye on.

You would have to exactly practice the similar degree of pressure, more likely to the similar thickness of subject matter, to correctly do this check.

So is Apple simply the use of a skinny veneer of sapphire over glass and calling it sapphire?

The video spends a large number of time theorizing that that can be the case, which would possibly confuse individuals who don't seem to be paying consideration, however in the end says:

There's a silicon [glass — Ed.] layer, however it's extremely small in percentage to the remainder of the lens, so it is just about a non-issue.

The YouTube video theorizes that it is there to "reduce mirrored image or one thing minor," and that the "Huge portion of the lens is aluminum oxide [sapphire — Ed.]."

There are coatings on the lens, together with a fingerprint-resistant coating, however the subject matter of the lens itself stays sapphire.

Wait, if it is a "non-issue", why am I studying accusations of Apple now not the use of sapphire or the use of a laminate?

Both they did not perceive the video, the science, or they only need consideration.

What about contaminants? Is Apple the use of decrease high quality sapphire?

Apple says no, and the video makes it unimaginable to inform in a different way, because it states the device may just really well include the contaminants. A check would must be run on correctly wiped clean apparatus to offer helpful knowledge there.

Anything I want to know?

Apple turns out to were the use of the similar form of sapphire on its lenses since sapphire lenses have been presented with iPhone 5. Even at the anecdotal degree, there is been not anything to even remotely recommend the subject matter is not onerous sufficient for the task it is been given — to offer protection to the digital camera device beneath commonplace prerequisites.


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