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Yes, AirPods will stay in your ears while you run 🙌

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Yes, AirPods will stay in your ears while you run 🙌

Blessed day! This marathon runner quelled my considerations about AirPods — seems like they would possibly not fall out.

Alright other people, I have were given to confess one thing to you: I really like to bop. And I am not speaking about swaying-back-and-forth-calmly-while-bobbing-my-head dancing …

A Pokemon sways back and forth

I am speaking about critical arm-flailing, hip-gyrating, leg-wobbling dancing …

Leonardo Dicaprio dances in The Great Gatsby

And as a result of that, I used to be essentially frightened AirPods would not be a just right have compatibility for me (pun meant). I am not giant at the design, form, and really feel of Apple's EarPods (most commonly as a result of they all the time fall out of my ears), so you can believe my feels re: AirPods. Without reference to my feels, despite the fact that, I used to be — and am — tremendous fascinated with the generation packed into the little ear sticks, so I knew I needed to have them.

That did not prevent me being worried concerning the have compatibility — till this video, first shared by way of 9to5Mac: Wind, mountains, sprinting, jogging — this marathon runner put Apple's AirPods thru their stay-in-ear paces, and the AirPods got here out victorious!

If AirPods can stay firmly in position all through all this, they will have to be wonderful withstanding my Hamilton Musical / Beyoncé's Lemonade playlist … for probably the most phase, no less than.

Beyonce dances vigorously

Wanna be informed extra about AirPods? You MUST take a look at Rene Ritchie's evaluate:

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