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Why the Apple Watch is always set to 10:09 in its marketing

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Why the Apple Watch is always set to 10:09 in its marketing

A a laugh morning tidbit for you: Some old-school watch historical past.

The opposite day, I used to be taking a look up some promotional Apple Watch pictures and the watch faces stuck my eye. Since the first actual Apple Watch, the corporate has always had its default watch faces show 10:09 as the time — and I had no concept why.

So I became to Google. Unsurprisingly, what I discovered used to be if truth be told lovely fascinating: 10:09 is not an Easter egg unlock date or an Apple in-joke; it is in fact a long-held custom in mechanical watch marketing. Engadget had a gorgeous nice deep dive in this a couple of years in the past:

The rationale at the back of this custom boils down to marketing, with only a sprint of shopper psychology to boot.

As a result of an eye corporate's identify and/or emblem regularly is living at once beneath the 12, positioning the palms at 10 and 2 guarantees that the corporate logo is now not handiest visual, however framed in a symmetrical and aesthetically pleasant means. The 10:10 time additionally has the added good thing about making it seem that the watch is smiling, albeit routinely.

Now, maximum Apple Watch faces don't seem to be mechanical — and even skeumorphically so — in nature, however it is not arduous to consider that Apple sought after to pay tribute to watch makers of yore with somewhat hat tip to design. 
In order that's why the Apple Watch faces are set to 10:09. Neat, huh?


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