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Twitter’s latest update ditches the egg for default profile photo

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Twitter’s latest update ditches the egg for default profile photo

The notorious egg is leaving Twitter. It is hatched right into a person-shaped icon of a few type.

Twitter's default profile photo has received an update. The now-infamous egg has been changed with a person-shaped icon.

Twitter's Design staff is at the back of the exchange. The crowd says there are 3 causes for the update:

  1. To inspire self expression.
  2. The egg used to be too "a laugh and adorable," so a extra critical icon will have to inspire folks to switch it.
  3. Egg accounts are incessantly related to harassment, which intended new accounts that had no purpose to annoy can be unfairly related to the adverse conduct.

If you are interested in the design selections at the back of the new avatar, there is a post on Twitter's blog that is going into extra element.

Ideas on the up to date avatar

In relation to encouraging folks to update and personalize their accounts, I will be able to see how this alteration makes since. The egg used to be a adorable concept: Being new to Twitter intended you have been a hen who had but to hatch. But when I needed to bet I would say Twitter's utilization statistics display the individuals who stick round (Twitter has an issue with keeping up lively customers) are the ones who customise their profiles, apply pals, often keep up a correspondence, and so on. The corporate is making an attempt to get new customers extra engaged so it may stay them round.

As for fighting the "default profile photo = attainable harassment" stereotype, this is not in point of fact going to paintings. Other people will merely affiliate harassment with the new, vaguely person-shaped icon. And let's now not disregard Twitter provides us the method to clear out accounts with a default profile photo — the stereotyping is kind of inbuilt on Twitter's finish. Which is why I need to indicate, once more, that some other folks have official causes for sticking with the default profile photo:

Finally, I do know other folks are disenchanted that Twitter assists in keeping introducing adjustments that don't seem to be the ones that "everybody" needs. You have to word there are other groups at the corporate running on various things all the time. Firms do not usually center of attention completely on one exchange after which transfer directly to the subsequent one. Turns out the up to date default avatar used to be in a position to send in order that they shipped it.

Now let's simply hope no matter workforce works on EDITABLE TWEETS is set in a position to send!


How do you are feeling about the new trade? Favor the egg, like the new person-shaped icon, do not care both means? Gimme a shout in the feedback or over on Twitter!


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