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Twenty one secret tips to speed up typing on your iPhone!

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Twenty one secret tips to speed up typing on your iPhone!

Take your keyboard talents to the following degree with those typing tips!

Apple popularized digital, multitouch keyboards with the unique iPhone. Since then, the corporate has progressed textual content access with modifying and insertion choices, and the keyboard itself — with a brand new, predictive engine, not obligatory customized keyboards, shortcuts on iPad, or even a trackpad mode.

Not each and every choice is to be had in each and every app or for each and every tool, and now not they all are obtrusive in the beginning, however whenever you be informed them, you'll be able to be keyboarding like a champ!

Set settings

There are a large number of settings you'll be able to toggle for the keyboard, together with vehicle-caps, car-corrections, spell-test, caps lock, predictions, and extra. Go to Settings > General > Keyboard to toggle the whole thing to your liking.

Hide QuickType

If you do not want to flip predictions off always, however you do need them off one of the most time, simply contact the prediction space and pull down to disguise it. Then contact the bar on most sensible and pull up to display it once more.

Speedy switches

If you most effective need to input one quantity or image, do not faucet Number or Symbol button — contact it and slide to the quantity or image you wish to have to input, after which allow move. It'll input and the keyboard will immediately transfer again. The comparable works for shift and capital letters!


When you wish to have to SHOUT AT SOMEONE WHO IS WRONG ON THE INTERNET you do not want to hit the Shift button for each and every letter. Just faucet Shift two times and you'll be able to be in CAPS LOCK mode till you are faucet Shift once more. YOU'RE WELCOME.

Special characters

Typing the letter 'e' is straightforward as tapping it. Typing 'èéêëēėę' is nearly as simple. Just contact and hang down on the letter 'e' and you'll be able to get a popup with all of the different choices. In Safari, protecting down '.' offers you choices for .com, .web, and extra.

Shake to undo

If you sort a few textual content, delete a few textual content, and even paste a few textual content and later feel sorry about, simply shake your iPhone and you'll be able to receive the choice to undo what you probably did, and to redo what you undid.

Yes, you in point of fact can Shake, shake, shake it off! (Sorry!)

Magnify mistkes

If you sort a host of textual content after which realize a mistake, contact the monitor and hang down till the magnifying loupe seems. Drag till the cursor is on the mistake, then allow pass and make your corrections.

Cut, reproduction, and paste

To reduce or reproduction textual content, double faucet on it and drag the handles to make a selection the precise starting and finish issues, and the faucet Cut or Copy. To paste textual content, use the magnification loupe to place the cursor, then faucet Paste.

Quick contractions

Instead of typing we-quantity-button-apostrophe-ll for we're going to, simply sort "smartly"l and car-right kind will transfer it to "we're going to". Weree for we are, helll for he's going to and different not unusual contractions paintings the similar.

Undo vehicle-right kind

Auto-right kind will try to repair typing errors as you are making them. If the correction is incorrect, then again, simply hit the backspace key and iOS will popup what you at the beginning typed. Tap on it, and it is going to be un-car-corrected and restored.

Rapid replacements

Misspelled phrases might be underlined in purple. Tap them and iOS will be offering a recommended alternative. You can get instructed replacements for any phrase, on the other hand, at any time. Just faucet the phrase, then faucet Replace from the popup.

Fast formatting

To temporarily practice daring, italics, or underline in any app that helps wealthy textual content formatting, double faucet on it, faucet the 1/G choice within the popup menu, after which select the formatting.

Dictionary outlined

If you are not positive whether or not you are the use of the appropriate phrase — cite the website in sight? — you'll be able to double faucet on it to deliver up the popup, faucet the arrow on the best for extra choices, and faucet Define to get the dictionary definition. Tap Manage to amendment or upload dictionaries.

Attachment insertion

If your typing an e mail and come to a decision you wish to have to connect a picture or report, double faucet the place you wish to have to insert it after which faucet Insert Photo or Attachment from the popup menu.

Super shortcuts

If you faucet the spacebar two times at the same time as typing, iOS will mechanically insert a '.' for you and capitalize the following letter. You can set up your personal shortcuts as smartly. It's nice for dealing with not unusual misspellings or placing anything else your sort incessantly, like 'gml' for your gmail cope with. Go to Settings > General > Keyboard > Shortcuts

Enter emoji

Emoji are a unique personality set used to keep up a correspondence pictographically. The emoji keyboard will have to be enabled via default, but when now not, pass to Settings > General > Keyboards > Add New Keyboard > Emoji.

Then smiley face burrito thumbsup sushi cake canadaflag tada!

Custom keyboards

You can now get customized keyboards proper from the App Store. Download the app, then move to Settings > General > Keyboards > Add New Keyboard and make a selection the keyboard you downloaded. (Yes, the method is much too difficult.)

Swift switching

Once you have got a couple of keyboards put in, paging among them turns into hard. Instead, contact and hang the Globe/Smily button till the keyboard selector pops up. Then faucet the keyboard you wish to have to transfer to.


As progressed because the iPhone keyboard is, from time to time it is nonetheless more uncomplicated to communicate than sort. Thanks to Siri's new streaming speech-popularity, dictation is best and quicker than ever. Just faucet the mic button and get started speaking. You may even say punctuation, line and paragraph breaks. Or say "all caps" and dictate by way of the letter.

Plus energy

If you've an iPhone 6 Plus, you'll be able to rotate to panorama mode and get get right of entry to to a longer keyboard that incorporates modifying, formatting, or even arrow keys. It's a large number of keyboard to love, nevertheless it allow you to energy thru files.

iPhone 6s trackpad

If you've an iPhone 6s, you'll be able to use 3-d Touch to grow to be the keyboard right into a trackpad. That makes it more uncomplicated than ever to transfer the modifying cursor and choose textual content. Press firmly to transfer on the trackpad, press firmly once more to transfer among shifting and settling on.

Bluetooth bonus

The iPhone helps Bluetooth keyboard identical to the iPad. That comprises the whole thing from keyboard instances to a whole-sized externals, and the whole thing in among. If you wish to have to get bodily, you'll be able to do it with Bluetooth.

Your shortcuts?

Those are a few of my favourite keyboard and textual content-access shortcuts. They store me a ton of time while O'm typing. O'm all the time on the lookout for extra, on the other hand, so when you have any O ignored, upload them to the feedback! Either approach, allow me realize your most sensible tips!


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