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tvOS 9.2 FAQ: everything you need to know!

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tvOS 9.2 FAQ: everything you need to know!

tvOS 9.2 is are living and looking ahead to you in your Apple TV.

The recent update to the fourth-era Apple TV's tool gadget is are living. You can now placed apps into folders, use voice dictation in textual content fields, seek the App Store with Siri, and an entire lot extra. Get all your tvOS 9.2 questions replied.

What's all this approximately tvOS?

Just just like the iPhone and iPad or Mac pc, the fourth-era Apple TV has an running device that Apple updates ceaselessly. The present running gadget is referred to as tvOS model 9.2 or tvOS 9.2 for brief.

How do O get my arms in this update?

Apple TV will have to instructed you to obtain and set up tvOS 9.2. However, if it does not achieve this mechanically, or if you selected to wait, you can apply our how-to guide for downloading the brand new Apple TV running gadget.

Can O upload apps to folders now?

You positive can. Instead of an extended rolling web page of app, after app, after app. You can mix them into folders, identical to you do at the iPhone and iPad. If you do not already know the way, we now have a brief how-to guide.

A'm uninterested in having to sort my password. Can't O simply use Voice Dictation?

As a question of reality, you can now. With tvOS 9.2, you can now use the Dictation function to input textual content into seek fields, login bureaucracy, and extra. Here's how to enable it.

O heard Apple TV now helps all % in my iCloud Photo Library

You comprehend it! Instead of best seeing pictured for your shared albums, you can now spend lengthy, listless hours reliving reminiscences from many years long past via for your iCloud Photo Library. Here's how to set up and use iCloud Photo Library.

What approximately Live Photos?

Sure factor. You can now view Live Photos on Apple TV. Press and hang the trackpad for your Siri Remote to watch them come to lifestyles.

What approximately looking out the App Store with Siri?

In tvOS 9.2, you can now seek for apps and video games within the App Store simply by asking Siri. You can ask things like "What are the most productive video games" or "Find NCAA March Madness app."

What if A need to sort as an alternative of communicate?

Lucky for you, Apple simply introduced strengthen for Bluetooth keyboards. Now you can pair your favourite keyboard and use it to sort into textual content fields any place around the tvOS gadget.

So what else is new?

  • The consumer interface for the App Switcher appears other. Now, while you double-click on the Home button at the Siri faraway, your lately opened apps seem stacked up to the left, identical to they do at the iPhone or iPad.

  • Conference Room show is again. You can arrange your monitor to show a selected symbol with an overlay message that incorporates the native Wi-Fi, the identify of the Apple TV, and any customized message you desire to upload.

  • There is now a What's New segment that presentations a abstract of the largest adjustments to tvOS.

  • Fast forwarding and rewinding playback content material were given just a little more difficult, however an entire lot higher. Remember how you on occasion by accident rapid ahead thru a film as a result of you frivolously brushed the trackpad at the Siri Remote? Well, that would possibly not occur anymore. In order to leap round at the same time as enjoying content material, now you have to pause first, then drag to a brand new segment, or press firmly at the proper or left aspect of the trackpad. It would possibly take a couple of extra steps, however no less than you would possibly not lose your home in a film as simply anymore.

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