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Tracing the ‘SE’ name through history

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Tracing the ‘SE’ name through history

Whilst the iPhone SE could also be a really perfect small telephone, it is not the first Apple product to put on the "SE" badge.

Mac SE

The primary time an Apple product wore the SE badge used to be long ago in 1987, when the Macintosh SE rolled off the line.

The Macintosh SE introduced enlargement to the "compact" Mac shape issue by means of a spread slot, along with the SCSI port that arrived with the Macintosh Plus the earlier yr. The SE additionally helped convey ADB into the global and may well be fitted with a 2d floppy force or an inner onerous force.

(It additionally got here with a fun Easter Egg embedded into the ROM. Hat tip to John Siracusa for that go back and forth down reminiscence lane.)

The Macintosh SE would get replaced via the "SE FDHD." This alphabet soup of a Mac used to be kind of a recycled, 8MHz SE with a 1.4MB SuperDrive (!) as an alternative of the 800KB floppy disk pressure discovered on the unique SE.

The Macintosh SE/30 is the very best recognized of the 3 machines with the name. The SE/30 is fondly remembered via the likes of John Gruber and John Siracusa, and for just right explanation why. It got here with a miles quicker 16MHz 68030 processor with a miles upper RAM ceiling at 32MB. The second one floppy choices used to be now not presented in the SE/30, in prefer of a integrated arduous pressure that includes a spacious 40 or 80MB of space for storing.

iMac DV SE

The SE name would subsequent seem in October 1999. After Steve Jobs introduced a revision to the "5 Taste" iMacs that introduced FireWire and iMovie to the desktop device with the new "iMac DV" fashions, he introduced yet one more system: the iMac DV Particular Version.

To be had in a shocking Graphite, this iMac sat above the just-announced DV fashions, however presented 128MB of RAM and a 13GB arduous pressure, over the 64MB of RAM and 10GB of garage discovered on the less expensive, extra colourful fashions.

For 2000 and 2001, the iMac SE would come with multiple case options, together with Snow, Blue Dalmatian and Flower Energy.

iBook SE

With the iMac, Apple used the SE name to set aside the top-of-the-line style with its higher specifications and better worth issues. Whilst this technique used to be hired for the iMac for a number of revisions, with the iBook G3 line it used to be shorter lived.

Presented on the market a number of months after the unique iBook were on cabinets, the iBook SE used to be just like the unique except for for a velocity bump that introduced it to 366MHz. In fact, it most effective got here in Graphite:

When the iBook won FireWire in September 2000, the SE used to be bumped to 466MHz and incorporated a DVD-ROM force, and used to be to be had in Graphite and a shiny inexperienced colour dubbed Key Lime.

For no matter explanation why, the scheme of the use of "SE" to notice particular options and colours at the height of a product line by no means graduated previous the iMac and iBook G3 strains. My bet is that Apple sought after to streamline issues, and paired with the undeniable fact that the G4 generation intended the finish of colourful instances on Macs, it almost certainly should not have made sense to stay the naming scheme going.

iPod U2 Particular Version

So, yeah. I knew once I began writing this newsletter that I might inevitably get thus far. It cannot be have shyed away from anymore. Right here we're. It is simply me, you and Bono's iPod:

Formally named the "iPod U2 Particular Version," the U2 iPod used to be a black and pink and engraved model of Apple's song participant.

(The Harry Potter iPods did not use this naming scheme, oddly.)

Consumers who purchased this iPod won an iTunes Retailer coupon redeemable for $50 off of the worth of The Whole U2, a suite that includes over 400 tracks.

The U2 Particular Version can be revised a few occasions, preserving up to the moment with the non-Bono iPods, however used to be sooner or later dropped from the lineup in September 2007.

iPod shuffle (Past due 2009)

This one is most likely pushing the idea of this column, however I feel it is value a point out.

For the Past due 2009 iPod shuffle, Apple presented a number of new colours, however at the height of the line, with extra space for storing and a better price ticket, sat a stainless-steel type.

Whilst it did not have a selected product name like the iMac and iBook SEs prior to it, Apple did check with this iPod as a "particular version," so I am prepared to rely it.

Plus, it seemed tremendous cool. Simply take a look at this Apple PR symbol of the factor:

SE Lately

These days, Apple's the use of the SE moniker on a unusual mashup of previous and new iPhone generation and design in the iPhone SE. Will this actual style of telephone develop into an ordinary a part of Apple's lineup, or will it fade away like different issues that experience worn the badge sooner than it? What do you assume? Until you are Bono, pontificate in the feedback under.


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