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Those Kids Film Themselves Bending The iPhone 6 In the Apple Store

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Those Kids Film Themselves Bending The iPhone 6 In the Apple Store

We've seen many individuals bending their new Apple's iPhone 6 system displaying manufacturing defects in Apple's newest merchandise, though the firm stated only 9 people complained.. Anyway earlier at present two youngsters in the D.T. going into an Apple Store and bending the iPhone 6 Plus models on show.

At the starting of the video, the two youngsters foolishly confirmed their faces at the begin of the video then uploaded it YouTube, considering they might not get caught. By the time they tried to take down the clip, it had already been mirrored and reuploaded to YouTube.

The video exhibits them making an attempt to bend numerous iPhones 6 models in the retailer. The iPhone 6 Plus bends till the show pops out; nevertheless, the iPhone 6 didn't bend as simply. The two then ask an Apple worker about whether or not the new smartphone actually bends and are advised that it does not beneath common use.

At the finish of the video the youngsters concludes that the iPhone 6 Plus actually does have a bending drawback and that Apple wants to repair it as a result of "that is simply f—ing silly." Unfortunately, they did not attain the similar conclusion about posting that video.

Here's the video:

Finally I simply have to say one thing to those foolish youngsters: Why do not you deal with the iPhone 6/6+ like an costly gear, why would you bend it ? As lengthy as you employ it rigorously, I'm positive you'll not face any drawback with it... Stop complaining youngsters...

[Via BGR

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