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This $24 car mount could save your life!

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This $24 car mount could save your life!

You are a busy individual and also you continuously have messages, emails, and necessary notifications that you simply love to control and while you step into the driving force's seat you are lifestyles does not prevent. It is simple to fall into the temptation to deal with your phone when you are at the back of the wheel, however iMore Virtual Gives can display you a greater means!

Prevent touching your phone whilst riding! Learn more

Eye Level In-Car Smartphone Holder will provide you with a protected and handy position to place your phone while you are riding your automobile.

In contrast to different car mounts, the Eye Degree In-Car Smartphone Holder does not take in valuable area on your sprint, however fairly hangs from your rear view reflect making sure you don't have any dangerous sightlines taking a look thru your windshield. Plus, you shouldn't have to care for sticky adhesives that may run your home windows or sprint through leaving undesirable residue.

Dealing with your phone whilst riding is bad and you do not want to put your lifestyles in danger. At this time thru iMore Gives you'll be able to pick out the Eye Level In-Car Smartphone Holder for only $23.95; you'll be able to be saving over 50%.

By no means force with out your phone on the in a position! Learn more

Control all your notifications and simply view navigation directions whilst staying protected. Do not put your lifestyles in danger get the Eye Degree In-Car Smartphone Holder.


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