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The struggle is real: Have you scored AirPods yet?

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The struggle is real: Have you scored AirPods yet?

Have you viewed it particularly a challenge to catch particular AirPods? Start a intellectual exchange within the iMore boards and give the world know in the event the Airpod struggle is official.

When you're Apple's Airpods first developed, everyone was dumped actually ¬ one128170;¬ one127996;, however that does not make it smart so a growing number of also grumbled which these have been getting a tough time finding a set for themselves.

Kickstart various weeks later and the residents always give the impression fixed and fixed electrical wires as they is likely to be cranking out wirelessly: So exactly what gives?

Do you wonder if there was a shortage of Airpods lately, or did you grab personal set without any problems?

06through04through2017 07:35 An afternoon

Does anyone have any prudence as to just why AirPods will still be for that reason limited 6 weeks because they have been launched? We're and lastly in a situation economically and geographically to get a put, however there are none anywhere around! Grrrrrrrrrr Randall


A lot of people have bring that up there was a bit of a delay and they might rather just choose online and hold on...

06through05through2017 09:17 AM

I am unable to believe of course all of these weeks at this time there is always a looking time on AirPods. I actually would only purchase them via the internet and initiate the looking operation.


Although some say they were able to dig up them to be able to metropolitan Verizon stores and Walmarts...

06through05through2017 10:46 AM

Many area walmarts and Cycling retail establishments get them here


What probably do you wonder if?

Pay a visit to directly into the iMore boards now and join the discussion to enable the world know if locate your AirPods is more stressful than the usual your super duper really tough site in Where's Waldo, or you picked up a pair in an instant!

Join the discussion on the iMore forum!


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