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The e is for Education

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The e is for Education

The eMac G4 used to be a singular — however most commonly forgettable — 2000s-generation Macintosh, designed for the study room.

This month's antique Mac is the unusual cousin of the iMac G4 we looked at in February. Introduced handiest months after the iMac G4, the eMac mashed up antique concepts with new tech: It retained the all-in-one layout outlined via the iMac G3, however it shipped with a bigger 17-inch CRT show and used the similar G4 chipset discovered within the LCD-supplied iMacs.

Here we see the eMac, whole with keyboard, mouse and not obligatory stand.

Priced at $999, it seemed like an ideal deal — however you could not simply stroll into a shop and pick out one up while it introduced in April 2002. You see, the eMac wasn't for the typical consumer: It used to be for the training marketplace.

A is for training

The "i" in iMac could have stood for "web," however do not pass assuming the "e" in eMac stood for "ethernet" — the pc took its first-preliminary moniker from an overly other street: training. Here's how Steve Jobs introduced it to the press in April 2002:

Our training consumers requested us to layout a personal computer pc in particular for them. The new eMac includes a 17-inch flat CRT and a strong G4 processor, whilst retaining the all-in-one compact enclosure that educators love.

The eMac used to be a tangible expression of ways so much Apple cared concerning the training marketplace; it were a stronghold for the corporate courting again to the Apple II days.

But a couple of months after the pc's unencumber, Apple put the eMac for sale in its retail stores; this ended in conjecture that Apple wasn't promoting the eMac to colleges within the volumes it had was hoping. The corporate's press free up learn another way, on the other hand:

"Consumers have pounded at the desk challenging to shop for the eMac, and we agree," stated Apple CEO Steve Jobs. "The eMac's manufacturing ramp is in advance of time table, so we're going to have sufficient eMacs this quarter to meet each our training and non-training consumers."

Whatever the actual explanation why, the eMac used to be out on the planet, to be had along the iMac in retail retail outlets and at the Internet.

Problematic issues

While the layout of the eMac will have been according to the iMac prior to it, the higher warmth generated through the G4 processor pressured Apple so as to add a fan to the again of the case, hidden at the back of a plastic cap ringed in translucent plastic.

The fan stored the processor's warmth beneath regulate, however the eMac nonetheless performed host to a few hardware problems over its brief lifespan.

Many early devices have been plagued via myriad video-similar screw ups, together with discoloration, jittery video and what got dubbed as "raster shift", fixable handiest with the alternative of an inner video cable:

In so much instances, the issue reasons the ground 3rd or part of the monitor to head black, with the remainder of symbol moving upward and out is de the highest boundary of the show. Serious static additionally accompanies the issue, rendering the viewable a part of the monitor nearly unnecessary.

In reality, devices constructed among April 2004 and June 2005 had such common video and tool problems that Apple opened a Repair Extension Program to deal with the issue. The REP coated issues as a result of swollen or burst capacitors, a subject matter that still plagued the corporate's iMac G5, in addition to merchandise from many different producers.

A used to be running as a Mac Genius at the same time as this REP used to be open, and had an area faculty are available with over dozen machines coated via this system. While the varsity could have been satisfied to get their machines repaired totally free, storing that many eMacs at the same time as ready for portions to return in used to be a problem that my retailer supervisor used to be not up to pleased approximately serving to me clear up.

I sluggish march to nowhere

But as bad because the eMac's hardware popularity used to be, the system's woes have been way more philosophical than that. Designing a system to be a low-value, easy answer for the study room ended in what used to be all the time going to be a compromised mainstream product: While the G4 used to be a great addition for training consumers, the CRT layout made the eMac glance antique and bloated compared to the smooth, LCD-crowned iMac G4 while the system went on sale to the general public. The 50-pound device simply did not make a large identify for itself.

That's to not say Apple did not check out: From April 2002 to October 2005, the corporate revved the system 3 occasions, including higher pictures, USB 2.0 and quicker CPUs. But in the end, Apple replaced the eMac with a low-value, training-best Intel iMac. The final CRT-primarily based Mac slipped quietly away, forgotten through virtually everybody who did not see one of their faculty or place of work.


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