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The cost difference to Apple between the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus: $15.50

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The cost difference to Apple between the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus: $15.50


Apple could also be struggling to meet demand for the iPhone 6 Plus, however the effort will probably be worthwhile in accordance to some quantity-crunching by IHS cited by Bloomberg: it makes an additional $eighty four.50 in revenue on the bigger mannequin.

It prices a further $15.50 to make the bigger iPhones, in accordance to a breakdown by researchers at IHS, however the sticker worth is $one hundred greater than the iPhone 6 [...] The essential difference in cost between the two telephones comes from the supersize display, which provides $7.50 to Apple’s manufacturing cost. The digital camera and battery subsystems additionally cost barely extra.

While everybody doing these analyses appears to provide you with a different set of numbers (none of them having entry to the precise offers negotiated by Apple so having to depend on an entire bunch of assumptions), everybody appears to agree that margins are considerably larger on the iPhone 6 Plus.

Samsung is claimed to be so frightened by record sales of the new iPhones that it has brought forward the deliberate launch of the Galaxy Note 4 to twenty sixth September, the similar day Apple places the iPhone 6/Plus on sale in 20 more countries.

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