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The absolute best way to carry your AirPods

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The absolute best way to carry your AirPods

This keychain case for your AirPods will stay them at your aspect each time you are short of headphones.

I am going to make somewhat of a loopy observation right here: In the event you personal AirPods, you wish to have the Lunies keychain case.

I hardly say folks want one thing when it comes to their tech devices — they have got already spent a ton at the devices themselves, in any case, and it kind of feels unfair to say that your new tech is not nice till you additionally purchase X, Y, and Z.

That stated, this situation has became my AirPods from "neat pair of headphones that I regularly can not in finding once I need them" to "must-own moveable wireless buds".

The trick? Accessibility. The AirPods are the very best set of on-the-go earbuds — they do not tangle, they keep charged for days at a time thank you to the case's integrated 24 hour battery lifestyles, and they are sufficiently small to tote virtually any place.

However the problem to that tiny package deal is that oftentimes I discovered myself forgetting to take the AirPods along side me, leaving them on my table, cloth cabinet, or — in a single virtually terrifying example — in a pants pocket looking ahead to the wash. And sadly, despite the fact that In finding My AirPods works nice for those who've misplaced a bud to the depths of your bag or sofa, it is not designed to in finding the AirPods case; misplace it someplace in your space, and you could have to blank from most sensible to backside to in finding it once more.

Worse nonetheless, each my fiancé and I personal a suite of equivalent AirPods. Within the cases that I did keep in mind to grasp an AirPods case, it steadily wasn't mine. (The problem of small, equivalent tech.)

This is the excellent news: In two weeks, the Lunies leather-based keychain case has solved all my issues. I first were given tuned onto it through Lory Gil after she wrote about it earlier this month; it is an affordable leather-based slipcover that slides over the AirPods casing and secures it with a small snap. At the again, strengthened leather-based connects to a small, strong clip carabiner, which you'll be able to then hook onto absolutely anything — your keys, backpack, pants, or what have you ever. You'll be able to even rate your AirPods with out ever having to take away them from the slipcover thank you to a small cutout.

I have hooked the case to my keys; whilst I do not suggest this for everybody — particularly those that like a mild and dongle-free keyring — it is been a game-changer for me.

My AirPods now go back and forth with me just about in all places, and are simply available on every occasion I would like to pay attention to a music or catch the top of a YouTube movement. I have discovered myself the use of them a lot more regularly in puts the place I in a different way would have watched a video silently or forgotten to pull headphones out of my bag when running. And best of all, I all the time know the place they're — and will have to I misplace my keys, a snappy ring in their hooked up Tile Mate will lend a hand me in finding the whole thing directly.

Returning to my unique remark: Does everybody in reality want this situation? Perhaps now not if you are fastidious about the place you stay your AirPods and ceaselessly carry them in the similar pocket or bag. However for any person with the occasional scatterbrained tendency, the Lunies keychain will double — and perhaps even triple — your AirPods utilization and peace of thoughts. It undoubtedly has for me.

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