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Surprise: There’s likely a new Apple Pencil on the way! Here’s what I want to see

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Surprise: There’s likely a new Apple Pencil on the way! Here’s what I want to see

Bizarre provide chain rumors or no, if there are new iPads, new Apple Pencils are more than likely on the means, too.

On the heels of new iPad size rumors, Czech web site letem svetem applem (or, in English, Apple Spherical the Global) claims that new Apple Pencil parts are in Apple's Chinese language provide chain — in all probability for a March 2017 unencumber along rumored new iPads.

Spoiler. With the exception of, no: I do not really feel all that spoiled. As a result of path Apple goes to refine the Pencil for 2017 along new iPad fashions.

The Apple Pencil is certainly one of my favourite equipment that Apple has ever made, and it is nearly a requirement should you personal an iPad Professional. However it is not with out flaws: I've added my own pen clip to the Pencil's body and, till I picked up the 9.7-inch Logitech Create case with wearing loop, used Waterfield's Atelier Gear Case to stay my Pencil from disappearing into my bag.

Those are reliable and fashionable lawsuits, and it makes whole sense to me that Apple would try to cope with them in an update along new iPad fashions. Whether or not that ends up in a bodily clip choice for the Pencil or including additional magnets to permit it to snap onto the iPad case will rely, in fact, on what Apple feels would paintings absolute best.

However overlook the rumors for a 2d: Let's take into accounts what else may well be progressed in the Pencil.

New Pencil guidelines

The default Pencil nib is lovely nice for sketching, however it is nonetheless slipperier than I'd like for some drawing. A nib choice with higher friction can be a great addition to the Pencil lineup, however what I'd actually love is nibs with other styles and sizes — thicker rounder nibs for blotting, calligraphy-style nibs to in point of fact apply penmanship, and different choices for interacting with the display.

Stay the charging port — however perhaps make the cap smarter

I know, I know: Other folks used to Wacom drugs omit having an eraser on the finish in their Pencil. I really feel for them, however I'm now not giving up my skill to price the Pencil at any time simply to have an eraser. As an alternative, perhaps there is a approach to make that tiny little cap finish a bit smarter — most likely including on a capacitive nib, as an example?

Or, heck, perhaps we ditch Lightning charging altogehter and feature the Pencil snap into the Sensible Connector — which additionally, whats up, may well be designed to grasp it in position.

Take a web page from Astropad's multitouch gestures

If an eraser's out of the playing cards, then again, there is differently: Apple may just take a cue from Astropad Studio's brilliant new Magic Gestures and create multitouch interactions when the Pencil is provide to transfer equipment or deliver up shortcuts. This may additionally cope with the vocal minority in the market who needs serve as buttons on the Pencil's frame (no thanks).

Be offering some customization

I want a rose gold Pencil to fit my rose gold iPad. That is all.

What do you want to see from a new Apple Pencil?

Let me know in the feedback.


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