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Stargaze with this portable telescope for just $55

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Stargaze with this portable telescope for just $55

Are you interested by beginner astronomy however do not wish to make investments an excessive amount of in a pricey telescope? The ones constellations may not just follow themselves! You wish to have a portable telescope you'll retailer to your automotive or simply pack on your whole tenting journeys.

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If that describes you, you want this deal from iMore Virtual Provides can! Get a 90x monocular telescope with an integrated tripod for only $54.99. You'll be able to use it for stargazing at night time, or for gazing the wildlife round you with the integrated 50mm optical glass purpose lens. That suggests you are able to use this telescope in low lighting fixtures stipulations.

Listed below are the total specifications for this 17-inch lengthy telescope:

  • Refractive/focal duration: 360mm
  • Optical aperture: 50mm
  • Idea resolutions: 2.000 arc seconds
  • Indirect reflect: 90º
  • Max magnification: 90x

This package features a couple other eye items to take a look at out — just do not take a look at the solar! Save 72% off this telescope and take a look at out astronomy for your self!

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