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Snowden docs give new insight into how GCHQ tracked iPhone users

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Snowden docs give new insight into how GCHQ tracked iPhone users

In the earlier, leaked files have found out that NSA used to be in a position to make use of a backdoor to undercover agent on iPhone house owners, whose wisdom used to be denied through Apple, however used to be fastened via the corporate in iOS 8. Now, new knowledge revealed through Der Spigel presentations that the British undercover agent company — Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) — used to be in a position pull any knowledge from an iPhone, even though the software itself used to be now not compromised.
The procedure didn't assault the iPhone instantly, however as an alternative relied closely on its UDID and the pc it used to be synced with. Once the iPhone used to be synced to a compromised pc, the GCHQ officers have been simply in a position to extract knowledge, together with app knowledge, from the backups. GCHQ, an acronym for The Government Communications Headquarters, is a British intelligence and safety group answerable for offering signs intelligence and knowledge insurance to the British executive and army. GCHQ wrote in its November 2010 record, published here through Der Spiegel as a PDF report, that UDIDs allowed the group to “practice the similar software because it synced with a compromised system, browsed the internet (exposing it to the company’s Safari make the most) or despatched knowledge to a broader monitoring device like AdMob.” Thankfully, the process discussed within the record dated November 2010 does now not paintings anymore as Apple has lengthy stopped the use of UDID in want of alternative strategies which might be extra safe. The corporate had began phasing out get entry to to UDID to developers from iOS 5 and has considering then stopped accepting apps within the App Store that request get right of entry to to it. Your software’s UDID is definitely out there in iTunes, while the tool is hooked up, via clicking at the Serial Number box within the Info pane. Because a few developers and advert networks have been misusing UDIDs, and responding to safety considerations, Apple in the summertime of 2012 began rolling out new monitoring equipment that let developers to collect utilization knowledge on their apps with out the use of UDIDs. [Source]

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