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SleepHealth uses IBM’s Watson Health Cloud to study how you sleep

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SleepHealth uses IBM’s Watson Health Cloud to study how you sleep

IBM has introduced a partnership with the American Sleep Apnea Association to release a brand new sleep study app, SleepHealth. Developed the use of Apple's ResearchKit framework, SleepHealth can degree your day by day task and monitor your sleep styles, serving to you higher keep in mind how you sleep. It additionally comes with an Apple Watch app for extra correct monitoring.

Here are the key options of SleepHealth:

Record and monitor your:

  • Physical process thru your iPhone or a HealthKit-associated software
  • Alertness degree on a daily basis, checking out your response time to a stimulus
  • Morning and night exams to keep in mind how your movements movements right through the day have an effect on your sleep, and how the standard and amount of your sleep have an effect on your day by day movements

Receive reminders and notifications approximately:

  • Your process and sleep
  • Activities and surveys to whole

Get trained:

  • Learn approximately your process degree
  • Learn approximately sleep issues and their results
  • Receive common updates on sleep analysis and information during the newsfeed

SleepHealth is the primary ReasearchKit app to applied IBM's Watson Health Cloud, which permits researchers to combination knowledge from the study, analysing it to in finding styles and connections the use of device studying.

You can take hold of SleepHealth from the App Store now.


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