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Slayaway Camp Review: A morbid, funny, and entertaining puzzle game with killer flair — literally!

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Slayaway Camp Review: A morbid, funny, and entertaining puzzle game with killer flair — literally!

Snort your method in the course of the most eldritch nostalgia-driven killing spree; Slayaway Camp is a perilous position!

Despite the fact that I am a millennial and used to be born on the very starting of the 90s, the 80s is my favourite decade. I would possibly not have skilled it first hand, however the hair, the rage, the song, and the films have all the time had a different position in my center. Actually, the primary horror film I ever watched used to be Silver Bullet (1985), and on the time it used to be frightening as hell. In fact, when it come to 80s horror movies now not they all are frightening, a large number of them are simply downright ridiculous.

Slayaway Camp is a puzzle game that still serves as an homage to the campy and tacky 80s slasher movies that populated the silver display throughout the time of mullets and acid wash denims.

In true 80s slasher flick type, Slayaway Camp is a lot more entertaining than it has any proper to be.

Play Slayaway Camp today!

Caution: Slayaway Camp is rated 17+ at the App Retailer, and the content material under depicts scenes from the game, which may well be irritating to a few readers. Discretion is suggested.

Tale & Environment

There is not a lot of a storyline to Slayaway Camp, however for those who believe the source subject matter of its meant parody, it is somewhat becoming. The nearest factor we get to any tale is originally of each and every new space — represented via VHS tapes, in true 80s taste — there's a "trailer" for the film you are about to play thru, and they're delightfully ridiculous.

"They idea it used to be protected to return to camp, however… it wasn't. Slayaway Camp Two, Go back to Slayaway Camp."

Those little scenes be offering no actual plot, however they do come up with a glimpse at which killer you'll be enjoying as, and the horribly tacky discussion is 24-karat gold.

As for the environment, Slayaway Camp nails it. As discussed prior to, each and every new space is represented by way of a brand new VHS tape and each and every degree is a brand new scene within the horror film. It is a great contact that provides but any other nod to an generation long past via.


In case you've performed some other puzzle video games very similar to Slayaway Camp — like Red's Kingdom — the fundamental mechanics are lovely simple. Swipe within the path you wish to have your killer to commute, and they are going to slide in that path till one thing will get in the best way.

As you slide round each and every scene, you'll be able to want to cast off all of the folks (except for police officers) in a specific order prior to the portal to the following scene seems. To kill certainly one of your sufferers, you simply have to slip into them, and then Skullface — or some of the different killers you regulate — will slash, pierce, or bludgeon

"The gameplay itself is not groundbreaking."

As you move in the course of the scenes, the puzzle will get more difficult to unravel as new stumbling blocks and new mechanics are thrown into the mix. The gameplay itself is not groundbreaking, numerous different puzzle video games function nearly the similar means; on the other hand, Slayaway Camp does come with one specific mechanic that I consider is value bringing up.

From time to time to finish a scene as it should be, you wish to have your soon-to-be sufferers to transport to another location ahead of turning them into computer virus meals, and you'll be able to accomplish this through scaring characters.

When you slide beside an individual, they're going to take the chance to run clear of you in the other way. Now not handiest can this create a right kind trail in your killer to finish the scene, however it may well additionally reason the fleeing sufferer to kill themselves accidentally. The addition of this scare tactic — actually — breathes some new lifestyles into the gameplay proper across the time it will get begins to get slightly repetitive and will increase the problem degree of the game.

Talking of the trouble degree, it is extremely inconsistent. The entire first VHS tape is largely an academic, so it is sensible that the primary ten or so scenes are quite simple; on the other hand, while you transfer into the second one VHS tape you begin to realize the trouble actually range scene-to-scene.

Too regularly I might in finding myself breezing thru 3 scenes, best to be stumped by way of the following two, then energy thru the only extra with ease, and then by way of caught at the subsequent scene for an hour. It can be a minor grievance, nevertheless it simply made the pacing of all of the game really feel jumbled and disjointed.

Design & Sound

The best issues about modeling your game after horrible slasher flicks of the 80s, is you do not have to make it glance or sound in particular just right to perform the manner you are looking to seize. No, I am not pronouncing Slayaway Camp seems and sounds dangerous, in reality, fairly the other.

"It is unimaginable to not be chuckling when you are enjoying"

The game is going out of its method to make the entirety glance over-the-top and tacky, from the insane quantity of blood that will get splattered all over the place the display each and every time you kill a sufferer, to the soundtrack that feels like a 13-year-old boy making creepy sound results round a campfire.

Slayaway Camp manages to cram such a lot humor into the visuals and audio of the game, that it is unattainable to not be chuckling while you are enjoying. A massive credit score is going to the Minecraft-like characters with large block heads and pixelated blood for making each and every gory demise scene glance ridiculous sufficient to be humorous all whilst being extraordinarily ugly.

One height of the blood, guts, and homicide of all of it, Slayaway Camp comprises plenty of delicate issues that give a contribution to the entire 80s horror surroundings the game creates. From each and every new space being a VHS tape to Skullface similar to a block-headed Jason from the Friday the 13th collection, to the terrifying clown you terrorize campers with within the 3rd VHS tape, the whole thing on this game is a nod to an ideal slasher flick of the previous. Heck, even the identify of the game is somewhat obviously a shout out to Sleepaway Camp, the easter eggs on this game are unending and make enjoying thru each and every scene a nostalgic journey thru a few of your formative years's worst nightmares.

My Verdict:


  • A number of 80s nostalgia
  • Morbidly humorous gore
  • Lots of scenes to finish


  • Inconsistent problem degree
  • Gameplay is not new

Slayaway Camp is a shockingly a laugh puzzle game that makes probably the most out of its fairly wacky premise.

Despite the fact that the gameplay is not innovative and the trouble degree adjustments just a little an excessive amount of for my liking, I will be able to't say I used to be ever bored enjoying Slayaway Camp. Its darkish humor combined with excessive — however unrealistic — gore is a mixture that assists in keeping you entertained for hours on finish.

The consistent throwbacks, shout outs, and nods to well-known horror movies of generations previous and the inclusion of all of the terrible tropes you in finding in the ones cinematic masterpieces, makes Slayaway Camp an quick gold mine to any films buffs or 80s lovers.

General, Slayaway Camp has a variety of gameplay to provide in a singular and bloody package deal that may have you ever giggling your method during the most eldritch killing-spree you've gotten ever noticed.

Play Slayaway Camp today!

What do you assume?

Have you ever picked up Slayaway Camp but? Let me know what you call to mind the game by way of leaving a remark under!


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