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Slayaway Camp: Game Guide

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Slayaway Camp: Game Guide

Stab, slash, and noticed your means thru Slayaway Camp!

Slayaway Camp is a morbidly humorous take at the puzzle style that duties you with happening a killing spree, and nobody you meet is protected! Sadly, at Slayaway Camp it is not somewhat a free-for-all in relation to the maiming; there are police officers, phones, bookshelves, and different stumbling blocks that get in the best way of your homicidal dispositions.

If you are having hassle getting in the course of the scenes, I am right here to lend a hand. I'm going to come up with a breakdown of the whole thing you wish to have to understand to get you again on your murdering tactics.

Caution: Slayaway Camp is rated 17+ at the App Retailer, and the content material beneath depicts scenes from the sport, which may well be stressful to a few readers. Discretion is suggested.

How the mechanics paintings in Slayaway Camp

When you've performed another puzzle video games very similar to Slayaway Camp — like Red's Kingdom — the fundamental mechanics are lovely simple. Swipe within the course you wish to have your killer to commute, and they are going to slide in that course till one thing will get in the best way.

As you slide across the room, you'll be able to want to eliminate all of the folks (aside from police officers) within the degree sooner than the portal to the following scene seems.

Methods to kill characters

It is a little too terrifyingly simple to complete off an unsuspecting sufferer in Slayaway Camp. As you slide round each and every scene, anyone you slide into shall be promptly disposed of; in fact, if you do not dismember your sufferers in the correct order, you might in finding your self rewinding the extent a couple of occasions till you get it proper.

The way to scare characters

Occasionally you wish to have your soon-to-be sufferers to transport to another location prior to you'll be able to flip them into computer virus meals, and you'll be able to accomplish this via scaring characters.

In case you slide beside an individual, they are going to take the chance to run clear of you in the other way. Now not handiest can this create a right kind trail on your killer to finish the scene, however it could actually additionally purpose the fleeing sufferer to kill themselves accidentally.

Additional kills for money

On the finish of each and every scene, your assassin will give you the chance to take away some other deficient soul from lifestyles by the use of a mini-game.

There will probably be a cranium icon that slides alongside a bar situated alongside the ground of your display; faucet the display when the cranium is within the purple space to finish the ugly deed and earn in-game money. You'll be able to use this money to shop for different gore packs, which let you purpose carnage in more than a few humorous tactics.

Stumbling blocks

There are moderately a couple of stumbling blocks that may lend a hand or obstruct your quest to maim everybody in sight, and to turn out to be a real homicide grasp you'll be able to want to know the way all of them paintings!

Police officers

Police officers are all the time looking for psycho killers like your self, so you wish to have to remember to keep out in their line of sight. In case you end your motion at once in entrance of a cop, it's going to be recreation over for you and your killer.

Police officers can't be scared like different characters within the recreation, however you'll be able to nonetheless pressure them into the afterlife through sliding into them from the edges or the again the place they may be able to't see you coming.


No one at Sleepaway camp, together with rampaging murderers, can swim. You will want to steer clear of water in any respect prices. In the event you fall into any water, you'll be able to be slumbering with the fishes.

For those who scare characters into water, they are going to additionally die, so stay that during thoughts as you're shifting about!


Like several just right summer time camp, Slayaway Camp has fireplace pits strewn about simply begging for use as marshmallow toasters; on the other hand, Skullface and your different killers use them to roast other folks.

You'll be able to scare campers into the hearth pits, however Skullface and his staff of killers can also be killed by way of firepits should you slide into them.


As you slice and cube your approach thru sufferers in Slayaway Camp, you'll be able to come throughout some Holes that may be useful or hurtful.

Identical to fireplace and water, those holes will purpose someone who runs over them to finally end up 6 ft beneath. Every so often you'll be able to want to scare characters into those holes — simply remember to do not finally end up in a single your self.

Bookcases, fridges, dressers, and extra

During the sport, you'll be able to come upon items that you'll be able to push over. You'll be able to have interaction with bookcases first, however quickly you'll be able to realize different pieces comparable to fridges and dressers, which act the similar method.

Hit those items within the entrance or again, and they are going to tip over in that path, which will squish any characters status at the different aspect. You'll be able to additionally realize that pushing over bookcases (and the opposite pieces) will unencumber new paths so that you can take every now and then.


Old-fashioned blue rotary telephones will have to were fashionable within the 80s as a result of they're all over in Slayaway Camp, however they don't seem to be only for display!

Phones all the time are available pairs, and each and every one is an instantaneous line to the opposite within the degree. In the event you slide right into a phone, you'll be able to make a decision to the opposite one, inflicting the closest individual to respond to the phone. This adjustments the format of the puzzle and possibly give your killer time to mention one thing creepy like "seven days".

Are you playing Slayaway Camp?

The horrible tale, the horribly pretend gore, all of the homages to 80s horror movies — are you playing Slayaway Camp up to I'm? Let me know within the feedback under or hit me up on Twitter


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