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Sky Dancer: Improve your high score with these tips and tricks!

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Sky Dancer: Improve your high score with these tips and tricks!

Wreck your high score very quickly with these tips and tips!

Operating, leaping, and falling are all important portions of being a success within the new iOS recreation Sky Dancer, and with a couple of easy tips and tips you'll be able to give a boost to your high ratings and earn extra issues!

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Purpose for the Exact Leap bonus

On the fringe of each and every platform you are going to realize a sparkling white circle. In case you leap from inside of that circle, you are going to get bonus issues for acting an exact leap. Bear in mind, you'll be able to want each best possible place (middle of the platform) and best possible timing to finish an exact bounce.

Do not overcompensate whilst falling

The largest mistake any novice goes to make enjoying Sky Dancer is protecting the display too lengthy whilst falling from platform to platform. Heck, even the sport's instructional teaches you that means, however I've had far more good fortune via taking the "much less is extra" method to falling.

Modify the course of your dancer in small increments; do not cling the display too lengthy. As you fall nearer to the platform you are able to pass judgement on what path your dancer wishes to visit stick the touchdown.

Try for the Best Touchdown bonus

In the event you land in the course of a platform after falling you'll be able to be rewarded with a great touchdown bonus. That is more than likely the toughest bonus to succeed in, so do not get too annoyed in case you omit it. Follow makes best possible!

Whole demanding situations to extend bonus issues

At first of each and every run you'll be introduced with an inventory of 3 goals to perform. While you whole they all, you'll be able to building up your problem degree which will increase the selection of issues you get for exact leap and highest touchdown bonuses. That suggests you'll be able to have the prospective to earn a better score in much less time. It is the very best option to ruin thru your previous document.

Do you've got any tips and tips?

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