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Siri will call the police if you ask it to charge your iPhone

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Siri will call the police if you ask it to charge your iPhone

When your iPhone’s battery is low and you’re nowhere close to a charger, you would possibly in finding your self desperately calling out for lend a hand from Siri. But watch out. Calling Siri to charge your iPhone will if truth be told lead to it to call the police, and you’ll have simply 5 seconds to prevent it.

Using the command “Siri charge my telephone 100 %” on an iPhone will cause the digital assistant to start calling the police, and no one in point of fact is aware of why. But you best have 5 seconds to cancel it, and if you don’t, you will probably finally end up pranking the emergency products and services by chance.

Of direction, that is an offense, and it may just lead to a hefty high-quality. But is that this a computer virus, or a hidden function?

“We’re now not positive precisely why this occurs,” studies The Verge, “it may just simply be a malicious program, in fact — however one end result is that it may well be utilized in a few kind of house invasion situation, permitting any person to secretly call the police with out attracting consideration.”

You would possibly test it on your own, then again be sure that you cancel the command prior to calling 911..

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