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Should you buy the Pokémon Go Anniversary Box: Is it worth your coins?

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Should you buy the Pokémon Go Anniversary Box: Is it worth your coins?

Pokémon Go is providing Anniversary Field entire with Egg Incubators, Max Revives, Top rate Raid Passes, and Extremely Balls. However must you buy one? Is it worth your PokéCash?

In conjunction with an Ash-hat Pikachu, Pokémon Go is celebrating its first birthday with a bargain Anniversary Field in the Pokémon Go Store.

The Anniversary Field contains 6x Egg Incubators, 6x Max Revive, 2x Top rate Raid Passes, 20x Extremely Balls. That is numerous stuff for one little field however, the giant questions is, is it worth your Poké Cash. In different phrases, must you buy the Anniversary Field?

What is the Anniversary Field?

The Anniversary Field is a package of things from the Pokémon Go Store which might be lately being presented at a bargain, possibly from July 6 to July 24, 2017.

Here is how Pokémon Go describes it:

You can additionally be capable of top off for Raid Battles and the occasions forward with the particular limited-time Anniversary Field, which is able to come with Incubators, Max Revives, Extremely Balls, and Raid Passes at a bargain in the in-game store.

How a lot is the Anniversary Field?

1200 Poké Cash, which is $12.

What do you get in the Anniversary Field for 1200 cash?

  • 6x Egg Incubators (normally 6 x 150 = 900 cash)
  • 6x Max Revive (normally 180 cash)
  • 2x Top rate Raid Passes (normally 2 x 100 = 200 cash)
  • 20x Extremely Balls (now not normally to be had however theoretically worth 200 cash)

Doing the math, thats: 900 + 180 + 200 + 200 = 1480

So, now not an enormous bargain. No less than nowhere just about as excellent a bargain as the Holiday Boxes.

If you're prime sufficient degree and spin sufficient PokéStops, you too can get sufficient Extremely Balls and Revives/Potions to negate the worth of the ones pieces in the Anniversary Field making it a good worse worth:

  • 900 + 0 + 200 + 0 = 1100

So, mainly if your taste of play consumes Extremely Balls or Max Revives sooner than you can get them from PokéStops, you can revel in some small quantity of financial savings from the Anniversary Field.

In a different way, you're purchasing solely the pieces you want, when you want them.

Any Anniversary Field questions?

If you've were given any questions on Anniversary packing containers, drop them in the feedback!


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