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Secret Apple Watch controls: How to use the Digital Crown and side button!

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Secret Apple Watch controls: How to use the Digital Crown and side button!

For a tiny instrument, the Apple Watch has so much you'll do with buttons, gestures, and faucets.

In many ways, the iPhone X takes after the Apple Watch's design: Each don't have any house button, each are all display, and each have a stunning quantity of capability for having quite few bodily buttons.

The Apple Watch, like the iPhone X, has a side button, which you use to flip it on and off at the side of quite a lot of different methods and duties. However it additionally has an interface uniquely Apple Watch: The Digital Crown.

Mix that with the multitouch display's pressure-sensitive Power Contact functions (an early cousin of the iPhone's 3-D Contact interface), and you have got a host of equipment to keep an eye on an impressive little wrist laptop.

The Side Button

The one conventional button on the watch, the side button no longer solely powers and turns off the watch, however controls the Dock and emergency options.

Press and maintain to energy on (on off)

In case your Apple Watch is off, you'll press and maintain the side button to energy to your smartwatch.

When your watch is on, you'll press and maintain the side button to get entry to the energy display, then slide the Energy Off slider to flip the watch off.

How to restart and reset your Apple Watch

Press and maintain to disable Energy Reserve mode

When your watch drops underneath a specific amount of to be had energy, it robotically switches into Energy Reserve mode. This mode solely presentations the time, and you'll't repair your watch to complete capability till you attach it to a charger over again.

That stated, watchOS does be offering a preemptive Energy Reserve mode, which you'll use if you'll be able to want your watch later however you do not want to close it off utterly.

If you happen to put your watch into Energy Reserve mode manually, you'll repair it to complete capability via urgent and conserving the side button.

How to enable Power Reserve mode on your Apple Watch

Press and maintain to get entry to Scientific ID or SOS

The Apple Watch's Scientific ID and SOS options are hidden in the back of the energy display, which you get entry to via urgent and conserving the side button. Swipe both Scientific ID or SOS to turn on both function.

Caution: Swiping SOS will position a decision to the native government and is solely intended to be utilized in an emergency.

If enabled in the Watch app by the use of your iPhone, you'll proceed urgent and conserving on the side button to robotically turn on SOS and name the native government.

How to use SOS on the Apple Watch: The ultimate guide

Press as soon as to open the Dock

watchOS lets in you to retailer frequently-used apps in its Dock, which you'll get entry to from any interface via urgent the side button a unmarried time. (To go back to your earlier display, merely press the side button once more.)

How to use the Dock on your Apple Watch

Press two times to turn on Apple Pay

Word: You've gotten to arrange Apple Pay, upload a passcode to your watch, and free up it to use this selection.

If you happen to use Apple Pay, you'll use your Apple Watch to pay virtually anyplace that gives a tap-to-pay terminal — whether or not or no longer you've your iPhone alongside for the trip. Your Apple Watch makes use of pores and skin touch and an unlocked watch to authorize the acquire; simply double-press the side button to convey up the Apple Pay interface, then faucet your watch to the terminal.

How to use Apple Pay on your Apple Watch

The Digital Crown

Possibly the maximum noticeable of the Apple Watch's interplay choices, the Digital Crown is a bodily dial that you'll spin to scroll, press as soon as, or press and maintain to turn on quite a few other options.

Scroll to get up your watch

If you do not want to elevate your wrist, you'll in brief press the Digital Crown to wake your watch's show.

For a extra delicate divulge, you'll scroll up on the crown to slowly brighten the show from sleep: It is an effective way to temporarily look at the time or notifications when you are in a gloomy position, or are not looking for to trouble partners.

Scroll to Time Shuttle

If in case you have maximum watch faces energetic, scrolling the Digital Crown up or down will turn on watchOS's Time Shuttle function: This allows you to nearly "shuttle" ahead or backward in time to view upcoming appointments, how a lot you could have exercised, how lengthy it's going to take your electrical automotive to rate, and all kinds of complication choices.

How to use Time Travel on Apple Watch


On the Astronomy face, Time Shuttle strikes the shadow on the Earth and its clouds because it passes round the Solar, even revealing town lighting in the dead of night.

Word: The globe's location on the Astronomy face is in response to your present time zone.

Transfer to a special view in Astronomy, and the Digital Crown will keep an eye on other time classes. Faucet the Moon, and Time Shuttle will spin daily to display you the moon's quite a lot of stages at other occasions in the month: New Moon, Waxing Crescent, First Quarter, Waxing Gibbous, Complete Moon, Waning Gibbous, Closing Quarter, and Waning Crescent.

Make a choice the Sun Gadget, and you'll be able to transfer daily (or sooner, should you spin the Crown extra impulsively) at the side of the planets, gazing them whole their rotations round the solar.


On wake, watchOS 4's Kaleidoscope face is quite tame: It is just while you spin the Digital Crown while you create kaleidoscopic patterns.

How to use the Kaleidoscope watch face on your Apple Watch


The Siri watch face embodies watchOS's Time Shuttle function, providing playing cards of upcoming appointments and ideas. In this face, you use the Digital Crown to spin via upcoming playing cards, between the All-Day, Fresh, Up Subsequent, and Day after today perspectives.

How to use the Siri watch face in watchOS 4


On the Sun face, the use of Time Shuttle will transfer the place of the solar, taking you between Evening, Break of day, Twilight, Day, Sun Midday, Sundown, Twilight, Nightfall, Evening, and Sun Middle of the night.

Scroll to view

In maximum apps, you'll use up and down actions of the Digital Crown to scroll the content material on the display. (Like contact, scrolling is inverted: Scroll down to web page up, and up to web page down.) There also are a couple of interfaces the place scrolling the Digital Crown strikes horizontal content material, like the watch picker.

Zoom in the Pictures app or on the apps record

In the Pictures app, you'll scroll the Digital Crown to zoom in or out on a photograph. And when you've got your apps arranged in Grid View, you'll scroll the Crown to zoom in and out of the app grid.

Scroll to finish a exercise lock

On the Apple Watch Collection 2 or later, watchOS will robotically water-lock your smartwatch while you press Lock all through a exercise, because of this you will not be able to have interaction with the display till you disable the lock. To take action, you merely scroll up on the Digital Crown till you fill the blue bubble on-screen and pay attention the watch's speaker ping.

Best ways to protect the Apple Watch while working out

Press to move house

A unmarried press of the Digital Crown will both convey you to your recently energetic watch face (if you are in an app or non-watch face interface) or to your complete apps record (if you are beginning on the watch face). If you are in a Power Contact overlay, urgent the Digital Crown may also go back you to the earlier interface.

It is like the iPhone's house button, or iPhone X's backside swipe: Press the Digital Crown to get again to the place you need to be.

Double-press to transfer between interfaces

If you happen to double press the Digital Crown in fast succession, you'll skip the watch face solely and transfer between recently energetic apps or interfaces. If in case you have Track open, for instance, then jump over to Climate from the Dock, you'll double-press the Digital Crown to go back to the Track app.

If you happen to solely have a unmarried app open, a double-press will transfer you between that app and your watch face.

Press-and-hold for Siri

Press and maintain the Digital Crown, and you'll be able to cause Siri, watchOS's virtual voice-driven assistant. (You'll additionally convey up Siri via elevating your wrist and pronouncing "Hello Siri!", should you've enabled it by the use of the Watch app to your iPhone.)

How to use Siri on your Apple Watch

Triple-press for Accessibility

If you happen to've enabled the accessibility settings on watchOS, you'll triple-click the Digital Crown to convey up accessibility choices for VoiceOver or Zoom.

How to enable and use accessibility features on your Apple Watch

Button mixtures

The Apple Watch will not be an old-school online game (until you run the proper app, this is), however you'll nonetheless get some additional capability out of it with button mixtures.

Take a screenshot

To take a screenshot on the Apple Watch, you wish to have solely press in on the Digital Crown along with your thumb, then use the remainder of your thumb to press calmly on the side button.

How to screenshot your Apple Watch

Pause a exercise

*To pause a exercise, press each the Digital Crown and the side button at the identical time. To renew, press each buttons once more.

How to use Workout on Apple Watch

Power give up

Have an unresponsive app to your watch? You'll all the time pressure give up apps or pressure restart all of your Apple Watch.

To pressure give up an app, press the side button till you notice the energy display, then press and maintain on the Digital Crown till you go back to the watch face.

To pressure restart your Apple Watch, press and maintain each the side button and Digital Crown till the display is going darkish and the Apple brand seems.

How to force quit apps on the Apple Watch

How to restart and reset your Apple Watch


Even with all of your Digital Crown and Side Button methods, you'll be able to nonetheless have interaction frequently by the use of multitouch gestures on the Apple Watch's display.

Faucet to wake, make a choice, and extra

Tapping is second-nature to any individual who is used a multitouch display ahead of, and it is no other on the Apple Watch. Faucet to input apps, faucet to transfer interfaces, faucet to make a choice choices, faucet to play video games, and so a lot more.

Swipe to transfer, scroll, and delete

Swiping is sort of as not unusual on a multitouch instrument as tapping: On the Apple Watch, you'll swipe up or down in lieu of scrolling with the Digital Crown, swipe between choices, or swipe up or sideways to delete playing cards.

Swipe up to view Regulate Middle

Out of your energetic watch face, you'll swipe up to view Regulate Middle on the Apple Watch and get entry to any of its controls.

How to use Control Center on the Apple Watch

Swipe down to view notifications

Out of your energetic watch face, you'll swipe down from the peak bezel to view your notifications on the Apple Watch.

How to use notifications on your Apple Watch

Swipe on the app record

If in case you have your apps arranged in Grid View, swiping help you in finding an app you need to release.

Swipe between watch faces

You'll use an edge-to-edge swipe to your recently energetic watch face to transfer between your different stored watch faces. (I use this gesture all the time to transfer between Modular faces with other energetic headaches.)

How to change your Apple Watch face

Swipe up or sideways to delete

In each the watch face picker and the Dock, you use swipes to delete faces or give up apps you no longer longer need to see. In the watch face picker, you'll be able to want to swipe up, then swipe up once more; in the dock, it is a sideways swipe.

How to use the Dock on your Apple Watch

Drag to draw or scribble

In positive apps and interfaces, you'll drag your finger alongside the display to draw, transfer pieces, or use the Scribble textual content interface.

How to write out a message on your Apple Watch

Press down to turn on Power Contact

Power Contact is possibly the maximum open "secret" of the Apple Watch interface: It exists in order that developers can disguise additional contextual choices for apps with out cluttering the display. You'll use Power Contact via urgent down on the display in quite a few Apple and third-party apps to convey up further options, or in the gadget to modify settings.

Power Contact to transfer between Record and Grid view in the apps record

With the apps record open, you'll press down on the display to turn on the Record/Grid View organizational choices.

How to view your Apple Watch apps in List View in watchOS 4

Power Contact to create new watch faces

The best way to create and modify your watch faces is to your iPhone in the Watch app, however you'll additionally use Power Contact to create new watch faces on the fly. Press down on the display to your present watch face to input Edit mode, then swipe (or use the Digital Crown to scroll to the proper till you notice the New button.

How to change your Apple Watch face

Any secret Apple Watch buttons or gestures I have ignored?

Let me know underneath!


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