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Safari Technology Preview release 4 now available for download

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Safari Technology Preview release 4 now available for download

A recent model of the Safari Technology Preview is now available to download, bringing the developer-centric model of the browser as much as its fourth release. This release comes precisely two weeks following the final update, proceeding Apple's two-week cadence for releases to this point.

If you are a developer and concerned about checking out out the most recent release, here is a rundown of what's new:


  • Permit non-standard HTTP headers in WebSocket handshakes, which makes the 1Password extension paintings once more


  • Fastened Netflix video playback


  • Disabled Image.isConcatSpreadable because of efficiency considerations; is predicted to go back within the subsequent release
  • Made tremendous() available to object literals, now not simply ES6 categories
  • Speeded up calling sure purposes and not using a sure arguments via 4x
  • Carried out String.prototype.localeCompare from ECMA-402
  • Optimized JSON.parse for a 1–2.5% development in Kraken json-parse-financial
  • Carried out RegExp.prototype.@@exchange and use it for String.prototype.substitute
  • Carried out spec adjustments for String.prototype.padStart and String.prototype.padEnd
  • Unified how Math.pow() is optimized throughout all JIT tiers
  • Made Mirror.toString() be [object Object] now not [object Reflect]


  • Made -webkit-image-set paintings inside of CSS variables
  • Modified transitions to now not animate to/from auto values
  • Carried out right kind dealing with of animation-delay with a unfavourable put off
  • Began parsing play-state as a part of the animation shorthand
  • Made toggling animation-play-state now not restart a completed animation
  • Fastened a regression which brought about place: absolute pseudo parts to inherit text-decoration
  • Moved CSS Grid at the back of a runtime transfer this is lately enabled via default
  • Began implementation of auto-fill and auto-fit for CSS Grid
  • Fastened computed taste of grid-template-columns and grid-template-rows homes
  • Fastened a computer virus with located grid pieces in vertical writing mode
  • Fastened alignment with CSS Grid content material distribution
  • Progressed consumer agent types for parts

Internet APIs

  • Fastened wheel occasions in order that they fireplace with frame, html peak: 100%
  • Marked IndexedDB constructors as hidden at the employee international object till it's supported
  • Made ping characteristic for anchor parts handiest paintings for http/https URLs
  • Renamed Shadow DOM's getAssignedNodes to assignedNodes and enhance flattened choice
  • Got rid of Shadow DOM's Node.prototype.rootNode as it used to be now not suitable with present web sites
  • Made report.currentScript go back null when executing a script inside of a shadow tree
  • Fastened clicks once in a while being left out inside of button parts when the mouse strikes

Internet Inspector

  • Made console a namespace object (like Math and JSON), permitting purposes to be referred to as unbound
  • Fastened a topic the place scripts would now not load because of Esprima.js now not being discovered
  • Began appearing dynamically added
  • Made sourceURL and sourceMappingURL all the time paintings when the use of the Serve as constructor
  • Restored filtering to the Timelines tab
  • Added column quantity information to tournament listener places
  • Fastened profiles lacking from data in JavaScript & Occasions timeline
  • Fastened settling on a bar within the Frames timeline mode
  • Made sorting by way of identify or location columns paintings as anticipated
  • Fastened the road error widget appearing up at the improper useful resource
  • Clarified Retained Measurement in heap snapshots via hiding retained measurement of non-dominated youngsters
  • Made the debugger statements evaluated within the console correctly display the source code
  • Made bounce to line paintings appropriately the primary time in pretty-printed JavaScript
  • Progressed scrolling efficiency in Timelines tab
  • Stepped forward efficiency of rendering many console messages
  • Modified console.assert and console.hint to permit layout specifiers
  • Stepped forward efficiency of console.assert via 10x when the statement is right
  • Modified console.time and console.timeEnd to make use of a default label when none if specified, and warn when making an attempt to start out an already began timer
  • Added CSS autocompletion tips for -webkit-user-select


  • Made non-accelerated CSS and SVG animations run at 60fps
  • Made < choose more than one > padding in keeping with different browsers
  • Fastened blur clear out escaping an enclosing overflow: hidden
  • Fastened a regression with min-content and box-sizing: border-box that affected Fb's


  • Made VoiceOver correctly talk superscript content material
  • Fastened navigation round composed emoji characters and content material with more than one whitespace sequences
  • Made aria-label characteristic paintings on < label > parts
  • Made area a landmark and < segment > parts have a task of area if there's an writer supplied available identify by the use of the aria-label or aria-labelledby attributes

Malicious program Fixes

  • Corrected how WebKit determines the consumer's most well-liked area from the device language surroundings.

If you are unfamiliar with Safari Technology Preview, it is a model of the Safari browser intended to offer developers a method to experiment with and check new applied sciences ahead of they head to Safari right kind. If you are , you'll be able to download the latest release from Apple now. In case you've used a previous release, you will have to have the ability to clutch the update in the course of the Mac App Retailer now.


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