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#RIP2016 … but say hello to your to your #2016BestNine!

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#RIP2016 … but say hello to your to your #2016BestNine!

What's #2016BestNine and the way can I make my very own?!

Keep in mind remaining yr (within the far-away time of 2015), how everybody had the ones 9 photograph collages on their Instagram pages?

Virtually everybody had one, and whether or not you have been Kylie Jenner boasting your billion likes to your billions of fans, or your aunt together with her heavily-filtered selfies who were given just about 1000 double-tapped hearts, the #2015BestNine used to be a a laugh little development that caught out within the mess of meals porn photographs and memes.

Now, an entire yr later, you'll be able to sign up for the social media insanity once more and sew in combination your #2016BestNine!

All you have got to do is installed your Instagram username within the hyperlink above, and you are just right to move! It is a a laugh means to see what number of likes you have got gotten throughout this 365-day rotation across the solar.

2016 will have been a bummer, but your social media does not have to be!


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