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Report: iPhone 6 Plus users consume twice the data of iPhone 6 users

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Report: iPhone 6 Plus users consume twice the data of iPhone 6 users

Choosing an iPhone 6 Plus over an iPhone 6 may have a large have an effect on in your data intake, new analysis has discovered. Owners of Apple’s greater software have a tendency to make use of it extra like a tablet — observing extra video and enjoying extra video games — because of this they’re consuming up their data allowance so much quicker.

While it is sensible that the 6 Plus may consume extra data as a result of its greater show, Citrix thinks the distinction has extra to do with consumer conduct. People are treating the 6 Plus like they might a tablet, enjoying extra video games and streaming much more video.

According to a new report from Citrix. On moderate, 6 Plus users consume twice as so much data as the ones with the smaller iPhone 6 — this means that it’s now not handiest costlier to shop for, but in addition costlier to stay long term.

That 2x distinction in data utilization is value noting for other people on the fence approximately which handset to shop for. With many of the greater wireless vendors now virtually charging via the gigabyte, doubling your data utilization may just additionally imply doubling your cell phone invoice.

Citrix additionally discovered that way to lately’s rapid data networks, HD movies load 50 % quicker, webpages load 35 % quicker, and information obtain 18 % quicker. In flip, that suggests users can watch extra, browse extra, and obtain extra in an hour of use than they ever may just sooner than.

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