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Red’s Kingdom: Game Guide

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Red’s Kingdom: Game Guide

Is getting caught in Red's Kingdom riding you nutty? This is the entirety you wish to have to understand to stay rolling!

Even though it is nonetheless early in 2017, Red's Kingdom already has my vote for iOS recreation of the yr — I did give it a glowing review. If you are taking into account purchasing the sport, or have already been enjoying the sport, you will be stunned on the intensity of Red's Kingdom.

I'm going to wreck down the entirety you wish to have to understand to play thru Red's Kingdom and benefit from the nutty journey!

How the mechanics paintings in Red's Kingdom

The fundamental mechanics of the Red's Kingdom are lovely easy. Swipe within the path you wish to have Purple to trip, and he's going to roll in that course till one thing will get in his approach. Via rolling Pink round like this, you wish to have to make it to the following room to growth during the recreation.

The nuts you in finding at the display lend a hand act as a guiding principle on the place to roll, so in case you ever get caught and there's nonetheless nuts left within the room, take into consideration which means you wish to have to roll to gather the nuts, and you'll be able to most certainly in finding your approach to the go out.

Room Exits

Exits are marked with a coloured "X", so you understand the place you wish to have to roll Pink to growth to the following room. Some rooms have multiple go out supplying you with more than one choices to growth and alternatives to seek out treasure chests, so make sure to discover!

There are 3 other colours of departures. Inexperienced exits are all the time reachable, whilst yellow and red exits want particular talents you pick out up alongside the best way.

Easy methods to defeat enemies

Enemies in Red's Kingdom are the grey squirrels (who paintings for Mad King Mac) you'll be able to come throughout in more than a few room all through the sport. Generally, you will have to defeat them prior to progressing ahead.

While you first run into any such goons, you will not be able to defeat it. As an alternative, you'll be able to simply move through the grey squirrel utterly ignoring him like an ex-lover at a mutual good friend's birthday celebration; then again, whenever you obtain the Medallion (in a while after passing that first enemy) you'll be able to get started bashing into the grey squirrels and do a little injury.

Over each and every enemy, you'll be able to see some hearts, in most cases two or 3, that is the well being meter of the enemy. Purple additionally has a well being meter (represented via hearts) within the most sensible left nook of your display. You assault an enemy by way of rolling into them and each and every time you do each you and the enemy will lose one center, and Pink will roll backward. You'll want to take into account of your well being while you see grey squirrels at the display.

Professional tip: In the event you faucet at the display simply prior to Pink makes touch with a baddie, you'll be able to carry out a important hit. A important hit will expend two hearts of your enemy's well being meter, and Purple will steer clear of taking any injury, it is a actual win-win!

Learn how to building up your well being

Purple will get started the sport with 4 hearts in his well being meter; on the other hand, you are now not caught with 4 hearts for all of the recreation. As you adventure all through Red's Kingdom you'll in finding pieces referred to as "center in a bottle"; acquire 3 of them to extend your well being meter through one center.

Those bottles are normally present in not obligatory rooms within the recreation, that means you will have to move in search of them. Do not disregard to discover far and wide to seek out all of them!

Stumbling blocks of Red's Kingdom

Red's Kingdom throws numerous stumbling blocks for your approach as you adventure during the recreation. You'll be able to want to know the way all of them paintings to get previous all of the rooms successfully; I'm going to damage each and every one down for you.

Notice: I am most effective about ⅔ of the best way thru Red's Kingdom, in order I in finding other stumbling blocks I'm going to be sure you update this listing in your studying excitement.


If you pass over a ramp, you'll be able to roll again towards it reason Pink to prevent in his tracks — identical to hitting a wall or barrel. This will likely permit you to roll puts you could not prior to and can help you get to the place you wish to have to head.

Later within the recreation while you've obtained the Wingsuit, ramps will purpose you to fly throughout a couple of squares. That is the facility you wish to have to get entry to yellow exits.

Drive Blocks

While you roll over or stand on a drive block, the block will lift up out of the bottom. This will provide you with the power to succeed in new upper paths or come up with a brand new position for Purple to prevent.


Rolling over or status on a button will turn on sure items, akin to elevating a portcullis, supplying you with get right of entry to to new puts you could not succeed in sooner than.

Locked Doorways

Doorways with keyholes want keys to open. You'll be able to in finding keys in chests right through Red's Kingdom, although they're ceaselessly now not in the similar room because the locked door, make sure to go searching.


Pink or blue pots that experience a inexperienced goal on them may also be damaged via rolling into them. You'll be able to want the medallion first, which is identical merchandise you wish to have to struggle enemies.

Transfer Blocks

Turn on transfer blocks by way of status on a purple button.

Pink and Blue Blocks

Colour-coded levers regulate the pink and blue blocks present in Red's Kingdom. When the knob at the lever blue, the blue packing containers will probably be raised, and when the knob at the lever is purple, the purple bins might be raised. You turn on the lever via rolling against it when Purple is status beside the lever.

There is a large number of cases the place you'll be able to in finding multiple color-coded lever like this in a room, forcing you to head thru a maze of pink and blue packing containers and activating the other levers at other issues.

Sticky Tar

Those little black swimming pools of tar will prevent Pink in his tracks when he rolls over them, supplying you with the power to get right of entry to other paths.


While you turn on a lever (roll against it whilst status beside the lever), it's going to cause other object to transport. Normally, you'll be able to in finding that levers will purpose pillars to upward push or fall.

Take into account that some levers are timed, that means you handiest have see you later prior to the lever mechanically resets itself. You'll be able to know a lever is timed as a result of you'll be able to listen a ticking sound — like a timer —while you throw the transfer.

Push Blocks

Purple can transfer push block through rolling into them within the course you wish to have to transport the block. Block can handiest be moved within the black and white squares at the flooring. Now and again you'll be able to push blocks onto buttons, which can open new paths for Pink.

Reset Button

While you roll over or stand on a reset button, any drive blocks you raised will move backtrack. Those pink buttons could have a round arrow on them, so you do not mistake them for standard purple buttons.

Spiked Barrels

In case you roll right into a spiked barrel, Pink will lose a center from his well being meter and be flung backward. Ouch! Steer clear of spiked barrels in any respect prices!

Bouncy Tire

Rolling right into a bouncy tire will purpose Pink to dance off in a special course.

Gopher Hollow

When Pink rolls right into a gopher hollow, he's going to commute underground and dad up at the different aspect rolling in the similar path he went in.

Are you playing Red's Kingdom?

Are you playing Red's Kingdom? Did you in finding this information useful? Let me know within the feedback under!


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